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can someone help!!

I had an ultrasound to find out my babys gender I was so happy when I found out he was a boy but my mother in law is convinced he's actually a she. Can I get some thoughts on what you think the baby is???

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    I would trust what the U/S tech said. Unless your MIL is an expert in reading U/S, she probably has no idea what she's looking at. Have you had your A/S yet? If you're really worried about it, you can go back for confirmation.

    ETA: To the elective U/S place, if this wasn't from an A/S
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  • I'm not an ultrasound technician but I agree with the other poster. You should trust the technician over amateur readers. If this was done by one of those keepsake boutique places then maybe question it. The fda article warning people about them seems to imply they can be run by people who aren't as certified or experienced as your doctor's office.
  • Agree with what everyone else is saying. For what it's worth, I definitely see a peeper.
  • Yes, definitely trust the US Tech unless your MIL is one too.
  • Does she think its a girl just by looking at the ultrasound, or is she going by something else? When I was pregnant with my first baby I had multiple ultrasounds and even though they all confirmed we were having a girl my MIL still insisted she thought it was a boy because of the way I was carrying. She kept on telling me about the ONE women she knew that was told she was having a boy and she had a girl. She hounded me so much I was scared to cut off the tags and wash all the baby girl clothes I had. Guess what??? The techs were right and we had a girl. I'm having my A/S tomorrow and a small gender reveal with just immediate family on Wednesday and my MIL has already made two references to that ONE lady she knows. Ugh!!! I'm going to trust the techs and docs. Lol!
  • I'm no expert but that sure looks like a penis to me. I would definitely trust the tech over someone else. Maybe your MiL needs new glasses or a big old glass of stfu.

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  • The difference is the tech is looking at the scan as it is happening, and can see more than one dimension on the screen while he/she is screening. Your MIL is looking at a quick snapshot and not seeing the whole picture. I would 100% trust the tech. 

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  • Looks like a boy to me, ignore your MIL!
  • Yeah, trust the medical professionals.

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  • First off, trust the tech.
    Second, people really need to stop posting pictures of their unborn child's genitalia.
  • If this was my MIL I woulda told her to go out and buy a bunch of girls stuff and then, oh and don't forget to attach the gift receipts!! Ya... I can get snarky with my MIL.
  • Looks like a boy to me! I've seen several crotch shots for girls (including my niece and DD) and its never looked like that! And when doing A/S, techs can see more than just external genitals... With DD my mom saw ovaries and a uterus. (Shes been a nurse for 20+ yrs) so it's not just about the image that they give us lay-people to see what it is.
  • You're a better person then I am, I'd tell that lady to f*** off
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  • My husband's aunt told me yesterday at our gender reveal party. It's not accurate , it was wrong for two of my children blah blah blah . I mean can't she let us be Happy. Even if it will be wrong , we will be happy then as well. It's our first baby.
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