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Magic sleep suit. ?

We've been using the magic sleep suit for about two weeks now. Before that , LO was sleeping in the rock n play. She began waking more frequently so i decided it must be time to move to the crib with the suit. She slept 8 hours one night but every other night the longest she sleeps is 5 hours during the first stretch then up every 2-3 hours after that. Which is exactly what she was doing in the RNP. So her sleep really hasn't improved as i had hoped. I was so excited thinking I'd finally get some sleep. .She is EBF and 15 weeks. Anyone else having this issue ? She also has always hated being swaddled and we had to wait until she was asleep to swaddle her.

Re: Magic sleep suit. ?

  • Might be four month regression. Mine slept 12hr per night until last week then she started waking every hour all night. She finally last night only woke up once. The last ten days were a nightmare.
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    I wish my LO would sleep 12 hours! I don't know if it's a regression since its not gotten worse . Her sleep just hasn't gotten better. She has never slept longer than 8 hours
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  • Biggest waste of $50 in my life. My pediatrician suggested a crib wedge. Its helped immensely.
  • We have had great success with the Sleepsuit!  My sister had a harder time with my neice, she is little and had too much room inside so she waited a few weeks and tried again and she had the same success as me. It was just too big and my niece was not ready for all that freedom yet.  My advice is to maybe wait a little and reintroduce it.  It has been a sanity saver for us!
  • I've had great success with mine. He'll usually sleep 7-9 hrs. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get him to sleep without...
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