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I went back to work 3weeks ago and my LO was introduced to a bottle after 13 weeks of EBFing. Lately it has been a fight to get her to nurse. She will latch fine some feelings and then others she will scream at the breast and eventually take a bottle. Anyone else experience this?

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  • I have no experience personally. But I have read other posts on her that taking milk from a bottle is less work than from Breast. Which could be a factor.
  • This periodically happens to me, particularly when I pump very late in the day and DS decides he's hungry as soon as I get home. He seems particularly impatient with the time it takes to get a letdown. Stick with the lowest flow bottle nipples your LO can tolerate- I found that helps a lot!
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  • I've really noticed this weekend (been back at work for a month) that she gets annoyed while breastfeeding. We both got frustrated.... I'm hoping it's just temporary because I don't want to need to pump all of the time.
  • I found that letting my little one have a pacifier to calm, and to get her sucking without expecting food, then doing a bait and switch. She continues sucking long enough for let down, then starts eating. Not sure if you're using them, but may work.

    Although there is some awkwardness to rocking her with my boob out, but that's what mommyhood is all about.
  • Our lo had an ear infection last week and it hurt to suck on my breast. But this weekend I've noticed it during the day that he likes the bottle. At night he will still breastfeed.
  • Yep I have that problem too. Especially when LO decides he's finally starving after I offer him boob several times and he refuses. Sometimes I'll give him a bit of a bottle until he calms down and then I switch him over. He does get impatient waiting for the let down.
  • It started two weeks after I went back to work, it's been almost 4 weeks now that he refuses to nurse and I am exlusively pumping! It's hard on me to have him refuse to nurse every single time, but it is what it is! I tried all of techniques recommended, which made him nurse for a week or so but then it just stopped working and he would cry with tears when I put him to the breast!
  • Sorry to hear this. I fear the same happening when I go back next week. My plan is to stick with a low flow nipple (e.g. Dr. Brown's level 1). Good luck!
  • Try to mimic the experience of breast feeding by doing paced bottle feeding. This helped us greatly. Baby may not like it at first but it will help! Here's a YouTube video that demonstrated the method:
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