csection/hysterectomy story

Edd: 09/29

Ryan was born during a repeat csection on 08/28. Csection was scheduled so early due to complete placenta previa and placenta increta. Csection went well and he came out yelling. He is in the nicu to help regulate his breathing which is still a bit fast. Then he can try bottle feeding, for now he is on a feeding tube. Considering he was so early he is doing rather well.

After the csection I was put under general anesthesia to complete a hysterectomy because of the placenta increta. They took out my uterus and most of my cervix. The placenta also caused bladder issues so they had to fix that too. Thanks to the bladder issues I get this awesome catheter for a week :-( my incision was vertical pubic bone to three inches above my belly button. Honestly the pain is less than my first two csections so I think we are doing well!

Re: csection/hysterectomy story

  • So sorry to hear you had to have the hysterectomy & a repair to your bladder but congratulations on a healthy LO & a good recovery thus far!!
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