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Please Read!!

I just wanted to post something telling new moms my experience. I wish I read something like this in my first trimester. Please know that if you choose to do a NIPTs test (non invasive prenatel test) it is not a diagnosis! If you get a positive result, they tell you its 99% accurate but it's not. It is a screening only. That's it. Our Dr gave us the news that we got a positive and preceded to offer termination! Long story short, if we had not seen a specialist, we could of lost a perfectly normal/healthy baby. Even a CVS test can not give a diagnosis since it looks a placenta cells only and not babys cells. We got two positives for a chromosome abnormality because of cells in my placenta only. If you get a positive on either of these tests, please just keep going till you can do the Amnio. I really feel now that a lot of these Drs do not realize how unreliable these tests can be. I wish I had known this before going through two months of suffering. I don't want to give people false hope either because there always seems to be a reason for a positive. Just know that reason does not always mean its the baby. Please let others know and again, please do not make any desicions until getting a Amnio.

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