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what do you use for allergies?

So my allergies decided to hit hardcore yesterday. I took benedryl and that ended up being a bad idea. It made me super loopy to the point I couldn't remember conversations my husband and I had only a few hours prior. So, I decided to try an off brand of claritin. Also bad idea, had a bad reaction. (I had never taken this before). So what do you ladies do for allergies that is pregnancy approved? I'm open to home remedies and medication.

Re: what do you use for allergies?

  • Zyrtec is safe!
  • If you can find local honey take a tablespoon of that in some tea (I usually use peppermint as it is naturally caffeine free). It works wonders!
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  • I take Zyrtec, smallest dose does the trick, 10 mg. Took in first pregnancy, all is well with her, and I take now too!
  • My allergies hit me hard this week too. Tis the season! I'm trying to go the natural route so I tried doterra essential oils. I was skeptical but they definitely helped! They have one caked breathe that I used on my chest at night and then I found a combination of a few for allergies- lemon, peppermint, and lavender
  • Zyrtec would be good to try, I think it covers more than Claritin anyways. If you try it and find it makes you sleepy try taking it late afternoon/early evening or try taking just a half pill (they snap in half easily). I usually take whatever is cheaper between Zyrtec and Claritin since I need it everyday for my kitten. I currently take Claritin, but it doesn't seem to help my ragweed allergy. Ragweed kicked my ass yesterday.
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  • I use Flonase. I've been on it for years. Doc said its fine bc without it I would have constant sinus infection. It's OTC now but still category C for pregnancy. The benefits outweigh the risk for me.
  • I second essential oils. I have horrible allergies and then I was introduced to young living essential oils and I haven't really had a problem since. Yes, lemon, peppermint, and lavender work best for alternatives to medicine.
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  • My allergist is continuing my allergy shots but keeping them at the lowest dose. That has been helping and I take Benedryl a couple nights a week.
  • Tea tree oil works way better than lavender, lemon, and peppermint for me and DH. It's not a long lasting remedy, but it will provide relief for bad sneezing fits and congestion. I put a swipe on both sides of my nose and some on my chest. If your skin is sensitive to tea tree oil, you may want to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil.
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    I take regular Zyrtec daily as well. I was a little concerned at first, but both my allergist and my OB were on board with it.  Definitely talk to your OB before you take anything, even over the counter, while pregnant. I used to take Flonase for instance and my allergist switched me to a safer nasal spray.  It's all about the risk vs the benefits for you personally.

      Also do NOT take any of the types with a decongestant (no Zyrtec-D, Claritin-D etc! [Edit: unless your doc specifically tells you to of course]). I think those usually are not put out on the shelves for you to grab anyway but they're basically stronger forms with an additional decongestant that to my understanding are not as safe for pregnancy.  If you go to CVS you can just tell the pharmacist you're pregnant and make sure you have the right one.  
  • I also use Flonase. I find pills do nothing for me, I like the direct approach of a nasal spray, since my sinuses are what is most affected by allergies. My doctor said it was totally okay, that it's only cat. C because people are covering their asses, but I still only use it when I wake up feeling stuffed, as opposed to daily which is what I did pre-preg.

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    Pp suggested local honey. Every morning I have a tea made from fresh squeezed lemon juice and some raw local honey. It's really nice, keeps allergies away, and is supposed to help prevent other ailments (...I type as I'm lying in bed sick...)

    If stuffy nose is a symptom, get a neti pot. They're kind of gross but they work wonders on stuffy noses and are just salt and water so safe for pregnancy.

    ETA: I have light allergy symptoms so these natural remedies are enough for me. I don't know if they're strong enough on their own for more severe symptoms.
  • Local honey and a netti pot are total lifesavers! Also, if you're going to take an allergy medication make sure you double up on water, as they can dehydrate you.
  • I take Claritin when they are really bad but for daily maintenance I have found oil pulling also really helps. Google it. Sounds crazy at first but I have gotten very used to the routine. I use coconut oil.
  • Loratadine- Generic Claritin. But only from Pick N Save Pharmacy. Don't know why, but when we (my husband's allergies are 10x worse than mine) purchase it from other places it just doesn't work the same. Nothing else has ever worked for us either. And we have TRIED IT ALL!!!
  • I thought of something else that might help. Years ago someone told me that allergies are like filling a cup. If the cup overflows you get symptoms. Some people are really allergic to one thing so that will overflow their cup and cause symptoms. Other people are a little allergic to a lot of things, none of which will cause symptoms individually, but all together they will. When I started getting awful seasonal allergies, I traded out my down pillows, which I had used for years, and my symptoms disappeared. I only get very mild symptoms now and only every few years when it's really bad.

    I certainly can't offer any assurances that what I was told is correct (my improvement could have been a coincidence or maybe I suddenly developed a bad allergy to down, and it wasn't seasonal at all) but I figured it's worth mentioning. Maybe someone else knows something about this and can confirm or refute.

    If you want to try it, eliminate or limit other possible allergens even if you never had problems with them individually. Vacuum and dust up dust and pet dander often, regularly groom pets, trade out down pillows or comforters, etc.
  • I take Zyrtec as needed during the day, and Benadryl only at night. Last week my allergies got so bad they were starting to turn into a cold/sinus infection so my doc told me to take Sudafed to help with the major congestion. I guess Sudafed is ok while pregnant as long as it is NOT Sudafed PE. I also use a saline nasal rinse system when I start getting bad and that seems to help a lot.
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