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3am wakeup...SCREAMING!!!

Night terror? separation anxiety? trying to drive mama crazy??  What is this? She is so worked up she is having trouble breathing and won't settle down until we take her out. WE ARE EXHAUSTED.
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Re: 3am wakeup...SCREAMING!!!

  • I don't know...but we have this sometimes too. It. Is. Hard. Hang in there, mama!
  • This just happened to us last night! I had to rub her back then eventually just let her cry it out a little Since she didn't want me to leave
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  • The last wonder week
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  • My LO is waking up in the middle of the night for no reason that I can see the last couple nights. He isn't screaming but cries and doesn't want me to leave either. He is such a good sleeper normally. This sucks!
  • Yep, just read there is an 18 month sleep regression. Must have hit a little early but describes exactly what's going on. I hope it doesn't last long :-/
  • So, I'm not sure if DD had her 18 month sleep regression early or if it was her teeth but for two WHOLE weeks after she had her (late) 15 month shots in August... DH or I would lay her down for bed and within 5-20 minutes, DD would wake up, ball, scream, jump up and down in her crib... and then throw up. It was horrible! She was getting herself so worked up but one night, she didn't even make a sound, she just sat up in bed and threw up. She never had a fever or anything out of the norm. We did notice that one or two of her molars were semi breaking through... I'm taking that into account as well. We moved back dinner time and gave her less milk right before bed. For now, she's back to normal! 
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  • Ok so this is now happenings to us at around 5-5:30 for the last week- she only wants me, not my husband.

    Has anything worked or do I just need to wait this out? She won't stop crying unless I go in her room and hold her. Looks like the wonder week will be over in 7 days!

    I hope this doesn't became a routine thing
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