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How's everything going?  My LO is still on elecare and prevacid twice a day, he's doing great!  Just wondering how everyone else is doing, any questions or things to share??



  • Still on Zantac but I think he may be starting to grow out of it. i tried to wean him but the back arching got worse, so what I've done is just drop the midnight dose and he seems to be doing fine on two 1ml doses (instead of three .9 ml doses).

    What I'm wondering is how much other reflux babies are waking at night to eat. (Mine is still up every 3-4 hours to nurse.)
  • My baby turned 3 months on Aug 20th... he generally goes down at 8pm and wakes to eat at 2am and then around 5am.  He is formula fed though.
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  • Still on Zantac here - a small dose of .6 ml 2x per day. Thinking about trying to wean her off but not brave enough to try yet. She sleeps 8:30pm - 8:30am most days (but eats very frequently, usually every 2-2.5 hours during the day).
  • Awesome night time schedule though @blairdavis99!!
  • @J_Meehan - it is pretty awesome! Now if we could just get her twin bro on the same schedule....he goes to bed at the same time but is a early bird like his daddy!
  • Thanks, ladies!

    I have to bite my tongue about weaning my LO off Zantac. I dropped the nighttime dose two nights in a row and yesterday he did much, much worse. Back to regular programming of 3 x 0.9ml and we're going to the pediatrician's to ask if we should actually increase the dose.
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