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Throwing Behavior & Tough iPad Case Help

My 8 y/o non-verbal son recently has been going through intentional throwing behavior....throwing his preferred toys/objects out of the blue. We are still trying to figure out why in order to replace the behavior. He doesn't do it for attention and we don't think it's sensory. He would be playing with the item for 5 mins or less and then throw it really hard on the floor and then pick it up and play with it again. Anyone going through this? Also does anyone recommend a super, tough iPad case ... I have fixed the cracked screen 3 times just this summer alone because of this behavior....(sigh).....

Re: Throwing Behavior & Tough iPad Case Help

  • I feel your pain. My 12 year old Autistic son does this. Very frustrating and expensive! I have managed to find a case cannot think of brand but thick and with a handle. I got it from ipad, phone repair shop. Just have to make sure he keeps it on! I wish I could get a protective screen for tvs! Another television broken due to an xbox controller being thrown into it. Have had to go back to basics with reward charts. Rewarding every small positive behaviour. I use smiley faces and frowns. Helps with emotion labelling too. He has to get more smiles than frowns to get reward. Was weekly but due to needing instant gratification had to break week up. Sometimes can watch for triggers and some times just out of impulse. When he throws does he automatically get the object back? Reaction from you? I would try putting object away when thrown and showing no throwing visual instantly. Back later that day or next day and if happens again keep taking it away. May get the point? My son has intellectual disability as well so its always repeat repeat repeat.
  • Someone suggested mkaing big target and getting balls to throw at target outside if possible. Is it sensory do you think? The feeling of throwing a hard object can be satisfying. What about a totem tennis ball pole he can hit with racket? Children do not tend to throw soft things. Not same effect.
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  • I bought my son an Otter Box and it works wonders. I bought him his iPad Air about 2 years ago and I don't know how many times my son has dropped it and nothing has happened to it. It's definitely worth it.
  • I have a Garmin Surviver case and it's lasted through 2 boys chewing on and hurling it across the room so far. Only problem I've had is it's not waterproof so they've spilled juice on it etc. but the iPad (mini) still survived!
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