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Has anyone used this company to do a DNA test on their twins? I was told my di/di girls are identical and while a lot of my family think they look alike, I don't really see it. Just wondering if I can trust the results haha.

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  • I am part of a multiples group in Indiana and a few of them have used the company. I too am considering it for my twins. The people I know who have used it liked it. Worth a shot if you are curious. I think my husband and I will probably go for it.
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  • We had Di di twin boys and used proactive genetics to find out the results. I've heard from a lot of ppl that they are pretty accurate. I think it says they are 99% accurate and they only test for the zygosity (they don't do paternity results or anything). My boys ended up being identical! They send you a kit with cheek swabs for each baby that are labeled. You swab their cheeks and send it back. Within a few weeks they email and Mail the results! I didn't think mine were identical because they looked so dif to me but to everyone else they look exactly the same!

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