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Jacksonville: DayCare Recommendation

Hi! I'd like to start off by saying you are an amazing Mom! Sometimes we don't hear that enough ;)

Secondly I'd like to recommend to all of you moms out there, who need quality daycare in the Jacksonville area, to look into The Learning Experience at Flagler Center on Old St. Augustine Rd.

It is a brand new facility, with a state of the art security system for your child's entry and exit from school! My child has learned so much while attending in the past 6 months. She learned her alphabet, counting, singing full songs and some sign language too. I am so impressed with the staff, who are committed to making everyday educational and fun. If you want your child to be a step ahead of the rest before even entering preschool this is the daycare for you. I wouldn't even call it daycare...it is truly an early education program!

If you have any questions just let me know! I highly recommend it.

Learn more at the link below:

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