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8/27 Weight Loss/Fitness Check In

Lets lose that baby weight!! How is your weight loss/fitness journey going??

Re: 8/27 Weight Loss/Fitness Check In

  • I've lost 40lbs, 16 more to go! Yep, I gained a bit and have never been a big person so I'm working hard at the gym and eating right! I feel great. I have to remember probably 8 lbs are my huge boobs from milk! Lol
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    I'm starting level 2 of shred tomorrow with 5lb weights. I have 2lbs to lose, I'm giving myself 3 lbs of weight for my boobs too :) Going to a family party next week and the pool will be open. Trying to get my stomach to look as least puffy as possible this week!
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  • I still have 15lbs to lose, I gained 50!! First pic is 6 weeks pp and 2nd is now at 13 weeks pp. I've been trying to watch what I eat and stay active. I also sell It Works! and been using the body applicator wraps to help tighten and shrink my tummy. The weight seems a lot harder to lose after 2 babies!!
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  • I lost 2 kilos while on vacation, gained 1 back, my appetite is huge atm every moment i'm not stuffing my face is a success in my book
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