3rd c-section... very nervous

I will have a third c-section in February. I already feel huge, like I'm stretching out and I'm only 4 months! Any third c-section mommas have words of encouragement, support?
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Re: 3rd c-section... very nervous

  • I'm having my third here in about 19.5 hours. I'll check back in once I can, but hang in there!
  • I just had my 3rd 11 days ago. I went fine. My incision is mostly healed. There was very little scar tissue so the OB cleared me for a 4th csection. I did however have a systemic allergic reaction to one of the medications so I am battling full body hives.

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  • My third section was my easiest both during the procedure and recovery wise. I am currently pregnant with my fourth which will be my last due to health concerns from too many surgeries. Good luck.
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  • I'm having my 3rd on Monday!  I will update when I have a chance, but you can do it!!
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  • I'm also having my 3rd and am nervous about it. Mostly worried about the long term effects of surgery and scar tissue. Also, I had a terrible experience with my anesthesiologist last time. She was extremely unsympathetic and basically ignored my complaints about discomfort. It made the whole experience more stressful than necessary. I'm hoping this time is easier...less than two weeks away!!!
  • I have had three and will have my fourth one in May which will also be my last one. I was up and out to my kids soccer within a week of giving birth. I didn't have any issues with the scar tissue being cut and being seen back again. Good luck!
  • I'm also nervous about having my 3rd in May. The main concern for me is if my scar tissue could handle a 4th or not. It's actually has me very stressed because we haven't decided if this is our last for sure or not. It's basically a waiting game and I'm not good at that. Hoping everyone has a positive experience this time :)
  • I have had 4. My dr. Said I do have some scar tissue, but it would be up to me if I wanted to have a 5th. My husband and I would have to weigh the risks to determine if we want to do it or not.
  • How long between your last one and this pregnancy? My doc had me wait 18 months between all of mine. I have 3 and my 3rd was the easiest and I recovered the quickest. Gonna have my 4th in July. Good luck to you on yours.
  • I had 3 cesareans at 17 and 15.5 months apart. The recovery has gotten easier each time and my scar has had less keloiding each time. Good luck to you!
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  • my 3rd one was no big deal, I had a bit of scar tissue which took them a little longer to sew me up but recovery was great. I go in for my 4th in June.

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    I've had three c sections and I've had no problems my third was the easiest I was only in the hospital 25 hours I'm having my fourth and last one in March but I'm worried because this pregnancy is twins and I don't know how strong the incision healed there was four years between my first two then I got pregnant 7 months later with my 3rd so 16 months between 2 and 3 and then got pregnant with the twins when my third was 6 months so it'll be about 15 months between 3 and 4
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