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Heart Rate

So I tried searching for the thread and for the life of me I CAN NOT find it. So my apologies if I have pregnancy brain ... or if the search function just hates me today.

However, for those of you that I was talking to about Low Heart rate - We got good news today.

at 7weeks the HR was 113 and the doc. seemed nervous and said to come back in 2 week.
Today is 9 weeks.... annndddd...... we are measuring 175bpm. The doc seems VERY pleased.


Re: Heart Rate

  • Yay! Really happy for you!
  • Look at that little baby! So excited for you! Grow baby grow!
  • Woo!! Awesome!

    3 miscarriages - 1 DS (6) - 1 DD (3)  - #3 due March 30!

  • Good news and congrats!
  • Awesome news :) congrats!!! I was looking for the thread too, glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't find it. lol!

    I also went back for my 2 week appointment on Tuesday and the FHR was 177 (8w5d) vs 87 (6w5d).
  • Great news!
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    It's a boy! Grow baby, grow! EDD: 4/22/2016

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  • I also have another ultrasound nextweek hoping the heart rate ti pickup a good number. Last week at 6w2days it was on low side.
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