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TV @ 4 months

Is it necessarily bad for a 4 month old to watch 30 mins or so of TV - cartoons? My babysitter informed me that she will put cartoons on during LOs bottle and she loves it. Also at night I've noticed her always trying to look at the TV... I don't let her for the record!

Re: TV @ 4 months

  • There's going to be plenty of people who are going to judge you for allowing tv time before 2 years. I personally don't care, do what works for you as long as they aren't sat in front of the tv hours on end. My son is always catching glimpses of the tv and I can't just never have the tv on I'd go nuts!! And my husband will sit my son down with him while he's watching the tv and my son is mesmerized by the tv. I seriously try to limit the amount of time that he spends with access to the tv, but it happens.
  • i put on dvds of the wiggles on for my LO hes 3 months .. he loves the songs and bright colors it keeps him occupied for like 15 mins so i can usually get stuff done ! plus he sleeps better with some sort of noise on .I think you need to do what ever works for you.
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  • My morning routine with LO once she wakes up around 6 or so, is to bring her into my room and cuddle with her for a couple of hours. I always have the Disney channel on, and she watches it on and off, but she pays just as much, if not more attention to me than the tv... and it usually puts her to sleep so we get another nap in before starting our day. People will say what they want... I make my own parenting decisions. :)
  • Me and my huaband like to watch some tv when we have dinner, my lo will stare at it and would nor turn his head no matter what. I try to limit it to 30mins or so, but it happens! I don't think we can give up tv for 2 years! Just keep everything in moderation.
  • I've heard it overstimulates them. We don't allow TV. We will either move her to where she can't see or watch TV after she goes to bed (which is early enough).
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    Bubba girl loves lion king.. I don't see anything wrong with it didn't we all use to watch it? I think there are too many rules these days
  • i agree ive already started picking up the old disney movies that i used to love as a kid for my LO ! i Don't see the harm in it but everyone does things differently.
  • Everyone is different. We limited my first son's TV and he is still not that interested in it at 6 years old. This one is already exposed more since his older brother watches shows occasionally. I don't think it's good for them. But I don't care what others do with their own little ones.

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  • It's totally up to you. Personally I am trying to avoid DS watching TV until he's older. But I also don't stress if we are watching it in the background while he is playing. If DH wants to watch something then I will usually play with DS while we watch the show. We've only done that once or twice. Otherwise we only watch TV after he's in bed.
  • We feel very strongly about this in our household. If LO is awake TV is off. Period. For two reasons: 1. I'll watch it and so will he and he won't get play time. 2. I want him to grow up playing outside and not in front of the TV and I won't make that happen unless we start now. DH and I both like TV a lot so its hard . But it forces me to go outside while DS is awake during the day. Its more our lack of willpower when it comes to limiting than thinking TV is a bad thing.
  • I'm somewhat on middle ground for this. We will have the TV on sometimes, especially during dinner, but we will have LO in play mat or facing away from the screen. Sometimes he'll turn his head and look at it. I don't mind for a few minutes but if it's holding his gaze for awhile, I move him. I try not to keep the tv on too much when I get home from work anyway though, since I want to spend the time with my little guy. I'm sure he gets some tv time in with DH though, who's watching him for this month. Once he goes to daycare this will definitely be less of a concern. I'm not planning on purposely putting the tv on for LO until he's at least a year probably older and only a little bit at a time, and probably only in times of desperation, lol.
  • As long as you aren't harming your child do what works for you.
  • We've made a choice to live without TV. We use Netflix for movies- usually after the kid's bedtimes. I'm really happy with the decision bc it forces us to find other activities to do during the day. Also, for my 7 yr old instead of screen time he listens to books on tape and we love them. We've listened to the entire Harry Potter series and when he's older we'll do Lord of the Rings and other classics. My son recognizes that books tell a better story bc he can use his imagination to create the images in his mind. it makes me so happy to hear him say that!
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    AAP does not recommend screen time before age 2
  • I don't own a TV but I work full time and go to school full time and I'm a single mom to twins. So there isn't really time in there for TV. As for my girls I prefer them not to be placed in front of a television bc I don't see any productivity that comes from that... My sister watches them during the day and she has 2 girls who are 5 who LOVE TV. And she has to trick them into going to play outside. For me it's not worth the fight. Why introduce it to them? I know it's been proven to overstimulate their little growing brains which in the long run can be slightly detrimental. I don't really enjoy watching tv though. Maybe I have so much to do these days that I try and watch something (at my sisters house) and my mind is on all the things I could or should be doing. And it's REALLY hard to focus on a TV when I am playing with my girls! Haha. So no I am not for TV with babies. But I'll be honest I don't know if my kids will ever experience television in my home. Poor kids.
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    I turn the tv off when babys awake. The flashing lights on the screen distract his attention. I don't see any reason for them to watch tv at this age - they can't understand it yet
  • DH cant stand having the tv off so but we have a fish tank and instead of her playing near the tv we put her by the fish tank and she talks to the fishes while she plays. But she still catches a peek of the tv while we pass by it.
  • I guess I just don't see the point of having a baby watch TV when my LO is happy staring out a window or watching me fold laundry.
  • @prplz how adorable!!
  • It's not for anyone else to say what's bad for your child. My son will sometimes sit peacefully in front of a movie for a little bit. While he's still waking up, I'll put on something kid friendly (Netflix has a kids option with some great classics), like very hungry caterpillar or something like that. He likes the bright colors and movement, and will let mommy get a few things done. I try to play and read when I'm with him versus using TV, but I know there's no way to totally keep him from it. He likes to watch baseball and football games with his pop pop and that's something we've always done as a family. I wouldn't let anyone else tell you what's right. At this age their attention span isn't long enough that they'll turn into boob heads as long as they're stimulated other ways too! Don't sweat it!
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