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professional photos cost?

I know this is completely dependent by area but I was wondering about how much a photo session was for your little ones or for family photos. Hoping to do some for the fall so I'm just trying to get ballpark prices. :)

Re: professional photos cost?

  • We have a girl who just does photography on the side and she is great. She charged $100 and that includes a 2-3 hour shoot and 25-30 images. She did our maternity, newborn and will be doing a family shoot in the fall for us... We were really lucky to find her!
  • That's great! Everywhere I'm looking right now is $250-450 for their cheapest sessions. :|
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  • Have you looked into JC Penny? Not sure where you are located but I think we decided to go el cheapo with them instead of a fancier place that we just couldn't budget for. DH got a quote for $125 (but I have no details on what all this entails since DH is not a details guy lol). I see coupons for their photo sessions everywhere too.
  • I did a mini session for $150 for 20-30 mins. Maybe look for photographers who offer that option.
  • I paid 175 but she was only going to charge 125 for 30 images and a photo shoot. We have to print them out. I think around here (ky) its pretty common for 150.
    I used the same lady who did our wedding photos!
  • We did a maternity/newborn photo package for $550. We had an hour for maternity and 4 hours for newborn. We got CDs with all the pics (almost 300) and the rights to print as many as we would like.
  • I did a newborn shoot for 2 hours and revived 30 pictures for $125
  • Were doing 6 month pics in nov... 275 for 2 hours.
  • I'm a photographer and I charge 80.00 for 45minutes with 25-30 images but it definitely varies by location!
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    Walmart has great deals - the company that does them in the US & Canada are the same, so I imagine prices are the same.  I got a great package yesterday, including the copyright free cd of the session for $149.
  • I charge $175 for family pictures for 60 minute session with rights to pictures. I paid $300 for newborn pics. Photographers usually fall into the "you get what you pay for" rule
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    We paid around $350 for newborn and $250 for 3 month.
  • Lurking from July...we paid $550 for a 4 hour newborn session (she charges a flat rate and the session lasts as long as necessary to get the shots done - it took an hour to get baby to sleep once we got there) and we got about 60 edited images, all rights to them etc.
  • I paid 400 for newborn pics and got about 20 photos
  • I was quoted $800 for a newborn photographer in central NJ.... For just the session and the cd of images. I couldn't justify spending that, so I found another one who does it on the side. She charged $200, came to my house, brought her own props, and gave us a CD with about 75 pictures that we could print ourselves. I'll be using her again for LO's one year photos.

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    @kristenk727 can you share the name? I spent so much more in the same area
  • I paid $300 for our newborn session about 60-70 images with about 3-5 different scheme changes. Rights to print, we will use her for our future family pictures and other baby pictures. We recently wanted some picture of baby 3 months and chose to use Portrait Innovations, will not use them again, but baby friendly at all and was not pleased with the pictures we took, such a waste bc we got pictures we didn't want or need, but we had to get bc of the pictures we wanted.
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