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Braxton hicks with twins?

I am not sure if I am pregnant with twins. I have not been to a doctor yet, I go next week.( I had to wait on my insurance) I started feeling braxton hicks about 15 weeks. I thought was normal because I've heard that can happen sooner with your second pregnancy. Up until now it mostly just my belly would get tight and I would feel that. Sometimes I would feel a minimal pain like some one stepped on your toe small. Now I'm 23 weeks. I feel like at times I am feeling two babies in my belly but I have no idea if I am or not, like I said. I dont even know if I am just feeling a VERY active baby I feel almost all the time, or just because I have a hunch. It could be in my head.  I am just worried about these contractions I am having, are something to notice. Mostly because about 2 weeks from when my son was born I had contractions that are like these. They go for about a min, some are 30 sec. apart, then 7 min, then 4 min long contractions, and so on. they are irregular but I have maybe 5 an hour every few hours. Did you all experience Braxton hicks like this? more often, earlier than a singleton pregnancy, or is this normal for second pregnancy? Im not sure If i need to just make an earlier dr appointment, or this is normal as long as they are not regular for an hour?

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  • Agreed, you need to call and have an appointment the soonest a doctor can see you. There is no way to know via symptoms if you are pregnant with multiples, you need an ultrasound. And if by chance you are pregnant with more than one, it increases your risks and the babies risks and you will need to be seen more often.

    But again, you need to see a doctor asap.
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  • yea in our area we dont have clinics, or plan parenthood. I had to either pay 400, to 900 just for a visit, and maybe an ultrasound. I had to wait for a us to be able to sign up for insurance. I have looked for places around here that would do them, and the cheapest was $400 for a visit no ultrasound. heck we dont even have an OB in the area, we have to travel an hour any way to see a DR! Its a very small town, mostly impoverished. 

  • Since you have to drive to see a doctor anyway, you could check to see if the neighboring cities have a charity or teaching hospital, or some type of assistance program. I'm quite surprised an office visit would cost $400. My insurance doesn't pay that much to the doctor and typically cash pay is less than insurance reimbursement. Perhaps you could call around to other offices for an OB visit. I cash paid my doctor for my DD (10y ago, no insurance and didn't qualify for assistance) and the total cost for office visits, ultrasounds and delivery was about 2k for the entire pregnancy, and this was set up on a payment plan.

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  • Yea I looked in neighboring cities... Nothing!! That I saw. However the Dr office said w/o insurance that's the cost!??? If I wanted to go to the teaching hospital I'd drive 2.5 hrs:( but they even said because my husband is military, and makes a certain amount they refuse assistance. Sucks cuz he just got the raise, yeah!!! But we are now covered by tricare in Sept. So for a few days I should be ok?! I was shocked at the prices the Dr gave me for a visit no insurance. I saw my family Dr, for 45$!!!!! No insurance!?
  • I am also a military wife. Why have you had to wait until sept to be covered by tricare? You should have been covered this whole time? If he is military, you should have been able to receive care at a military base with no problems.
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    I agree with PP. I am not a military wife but am a veteran myself. You should be able to be seen at any military hospital & if they cannot provide the services you need, you will be referred to a civilian provider (which Tricare will pay for).
    Bottom line--you need prenatal care ASAP.
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  • I am also a military wife. Why have you had to wait until sept to be covered by tricare? You should have been covered this whole time? If he is military, you should have been able to receive care at a military base with no problems.

    Thank you for inquiring about this as I was wondering the same thing.
  • I'm a military wife as well and had trouble figuring out the whole insurance thing, but I believe that once you are married you are automatically covered by Tricare standard. It is only if you have Tricare Prime that you need a referral from your PCM. In my case, I didn't need a referral from my PCM with Tricare Prime because Tricare was listed as my secondary insurance. The only thing you should have to pay is the ultrasound co-pay, mine is $25. 

    I hope everything goes well for you!
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