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LO won't breastfeed

Need support. My LO won't breastfeed today? She is 16 weeks and has been EBF until 2 weeks ago when I went back to work. Every time I put her to the breast she screams? Why is she doing this?

Re: LO won't breastfeed

  • What flow rate nipple are you using? You should always use the slowest flowing nipple if not baby will get use to fast flow and not like having to work for milk at the breast and could reject the breast. Do lots of skin to skin to help LO get back use to breast. Offer breast before and after every feeding sometimes I will put LO up to my breast and if she fights it I give her her pacifier and after maybe 30 seconds I take paci and offer breast real quick so she really doesn't realize what happened and she just start suckling
  • You could also try a different position to see if that helps. My LO went through a phase where he would fuss like crazy unless I fed him side-lying. He got over it after a bit and is back to his usual positions.
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  • I'm sorry you're going through this! I think both of the ideas above are great. I would also suggest that you not force the beast on him (not that you are!). My lactation consultant stressed that forcing the baby to BF when she isn't interested will only hurt the BF relationship. She suggested offering at each feeding and if no takers, try again a little later.

    Also, if you're using the slowest flow nipples already (ideally ones that look/feel like a nipple-like Tommee Tippee), ask the daycare if they can slow Los feedings down (by taking away the bottle for a few seconds every minute or two). This will also help with his impatience for the milk while BFing.

    Sending best wishes.
  • Thanks ladies! She went on a little BFing strike but she back in action - phew!!! That was the worst feeling of rejection!
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