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Hungry, tired, wants change cues

okay so I have no clue what my baby wants. She never rooted and all her cries sound the same except her pain cries which are loud and high pitched. Just 10 min ago my LO started to cry and it had been 3 hours since her last feeding so I warmed up formula and she refused it. I thought it wasn't warm enough so I spent another minute warming and she refused it again. She took a nap in the carrier an hour ago so I didn't initially think she needed a nap but I swaddled her and put her in her crib anyway and now she's fast asleep. It drives me crazy bc I used to know when she was tired bc she would yawn and rub her eyes. Now everything all looks the same.

Do your babies act differently for different needs? I get so frustrated going down the line trying to figure out what she wants. Her early intervention coordinator told me she should have different cries and signs to communicate to me what she wants but I don't see it or she's not good at expressing herself. She definitely doesn't do the lip smacking when she's hungry either. I can't rely on her sucking her hand as she does that to self soothe nowadays.

Re: Hungry, tired, wants change cues

  • The cues aren't always perfect for us, but obviously if my son is yawning or rubbing his eyes he's tired, also he tends to be more more clingy when tired so when I try to lay him down but he cries at me but is fine when holding him then I know I need to get him down for a nap (he currently will only nap with motion like his swing). If he is just fussing at me I check his diaper and that usually works. And I'd he is upset but refuses his pacifier (especially at night) or its been 2-3 hours it's usually because he's hungry. Also, sometimes when he's wet he'll kick his feet while fussy. And will squirm and fuss a lot if it's gas.

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