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Body odor

Gross but has anyone else been experiencing strong under arm body odor since having their baby? I have never had this, could apply deoderant once after showering and still smell fresh at the end of a 12 hour shift in the hospital. Now I shower, put it on, and a couple hours later STINK! Gotta be hormones but what the heck? Is this forever? Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Body odor

  • Yep. Its bad. I use certain DRI at night and always have but its not working as well lately. Its still better than any other anti perspirant in my opinion. I hate being able to smell myself!
  • I had to switch deoderants awhile back
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  • Yep- definitely having this issue here.
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • Yep same here. And my baby loves to snuggle up near my armpit!!
  • Omg yes, I was seriously hoping it was just the hormones and that I wasn't the only one. Deodorant used to be a once a day or after the shower kind of thing, now I feel like I have to reapply it a couple times a day or I stink!! And I still shower daily!! So it's not cuz I'm dirty!!
  • haha yup ! i never smet this bad even when i didn't wear deodorant. i find i sweat way more. Some nights i wake up just soaked!
  • I stink too! I've tried every deodorant from Target - nothing works :( also during the night I sweat so much I wake up soaked. Ugh when will it end?!
  • It has to be our hormones out of whack still! I just hope it ends soon. I'm so sick of stinking. :-q
  • I totally blamed the new bad sweat smell on my pre/post-natal vitamins... Didn't even consider hormones. I have the same problem too. Never did I smell this way until after having the baby. I hope it changes eventually. I literally reapply deodorant before bed. It's gross.
  • Yes!!! I have to use men's deoderent. I literally get out of the shower and 2 minutes later I can smell myself.
  • @lilsunflowermomma that's a good thought w prenatal vits but that can't be for me I haven't taken any since baby was born. :-/
  • Ha! It was like a switch flipped the moment I gave birth. After that, I stunk and my deo didnt work! I switched deos, and it's better, but I still stink after an hour or two. UGH, hormones!

  • Yes!!! I have to use men's deoderent. I literally get out of the shower and 2 minutes later I can smell myself.

    YES!  I do too, I have to use my husband's and he gets so annoyed with me!  LOL

  • Thought I was crazy haha apparently not! I was thinking that bacteria was a problem because I bathe daily but my body wash is not antibacterial. So I soak a cotton ball with peroxide and swab it. Whoops.
  • I have it too. I apply D-o at night and morning. I use secret scented at night and during day I use dove clinical strength. I cannot stand arm pit smell. I have use the redzone men's do at night to.
  • Thank you for posting this, i thought i was the only 1 :(
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