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STMs, how long did you use swing?

Our swing's motor burnt out after only 2 months of use! (Fisher price snugga puppy) I'm contemplating whether or not to buy a replacement swing for our 3 month old.

STMs: how long did you use your swing with your first? Any recommendations on brand/model?


Re: STMs, how long did you use swing?

  • I'm a first time mom, but we still use our swing daily and plan to start using it a little less only because we don't want him dependent on it and then he grows out of it, which isn't far off. That said, we have the fisher price snug a monkey and love it. Never had an issue.
  • I have the same swing it was a hand me down but she mentioned having just replaced the motor. That is an option instead of buying new. I plan to use it as long as possible because its the only thing that works for long naps.
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  • DMELDMEL member
    Call Fisher-Price! They will send you a new motor free-- don't spend money on another one
  • I already returned it to toys r us... I have a store credit. I'm on the fence about getting a replacement or saving the credit for something else
  • My LO is bored of the swing now, he is 3mnths. I am going to sell it and get a joy jumper or similar as he just love to bounce!
  • *Jolly jumper
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