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Hi All!

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been going every third day for blood draws in order to check my hcg and progesterone levels. Any idea how long this continues for? I am grateful for the blood draws because it caught a low progesterone level, but I'm really starting to feel like a pin cushion.

In your experience, when did the RE stop checking bloodwork every other or every third day?


Re: Hcg & Progesterone testing

  • I only had 3 betas drawn, progesterone was only drawn on the first. The office wanted to do a 4th, but I declined- too much stress worrying about the numbers. The office was fine with not doing another, my nurse said they usually draw up to 1000 hcg and then stop.

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  • We did 3, one at 3w6d, one at 4w1d, one at 4w3d.  Progesterone only drawn on the first one. 


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  • I had three blood draws that were betas and also tested for progesterone and estrogen. The first two were 9 and 12 days after my FET, and the third was about a 9 days after that. I only had those three. I can't imagine going every three days!

    I hope they are comfortable with your levels soon!

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  • I've only had two, and I'm feeling the opposite, wishing they'd keep testing until my ultrasound! I had lots of pregnancy symptoms the few days coming up to my first beta, and less so since (despite numbers increasing really well). I'm having a hard time believing I'm really pregnant, so a regular blood test would definitely reassure me!
  • @KidShrink My sentiments exactly.

    My 1st betas was @ 4w5d. I haven't even had my 2nd beta to confirm that my numbers are increasing properly. That'll happen @ 5w5d. So, as to be expected, I'm going crazy with anxiety. I really do wish my tests were closer together. Only, 3 more days!! Then I'll be stressing until the u/s. It never ends, does it?

    I haven't had any other levels checked since before my ET. I have been on progesterone and estrogen supplements for weeks now. 
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