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Mini vent?

So DD has rolled over and started to want to laugh vocally and she babbles. DH has been taking care of her every morning while im at work and the morning is when she is in the best mood but DD has rolled over and starting to laugh (today) while im home and DH is at work and she talks more to me than to DH and lately she has been extremely clingy with me that i cant put her down when she wants to nap but DH can put her down and she naps for 1-1.5 hours. We also have noticed that if she see's me first in the morning and i go get her bottle ready she screams for me to hurry up but its a very distictive and if she see's DH first she just fusses and cries till he hurrys up. I text DH as soon as she does something for the first time and try to record them so he can see. Today DD out of nowhere started wanting to laugh while i was trying to get her to get the bottle and i told DH about it and if he had done anything different with her because she was extremely clingy and fussy and cried when it was time for bedtime. He simply replied with a "No" and "well that hurt me". I asked him if he could explain but hasnt responded. I always get up at 1 am when he gets home from work and i can pump and we can talk when. It didnt bother him before because i was on maternity leave but i guess it is now that im working. If it isnt that then i guess he misread the if he did anything different with DD and thinks im blaming him for her fussiness or its just really busy at work amd he is taking out on me. What do you ladies think. We'll see how it goes tonight....

Re: Mini vent?

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