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Months vs weeks

OK I realize this is going to sound like a stupid question but hopefully you will find it entertaining at the very least.

My app says my baby is 15 weeks old yet she is also 3 months and 1 week old. When it comes to milestones, do you assess by how many "months" they are or by the week equivalent? For example, my baby will be 16 weeks in 2 days. So should I be looking at 4 month milestones and 4 month average measurements? Granted I know milestones are a little fuzzy but you get my drift...

Re: Months vs weeks

  • I don't consider LO a certain amount of "months" until the date she was born comes around. So I wouldn't worry about 4 month milestones until Sept 15th. There aren't exactly 4 weeks in every month so I don't go by weeks.
  • By how many months they are. That's how the pediatrician assesses milestones. LO was born May 9 so he'll be 4 months old on Sept. 9.
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  • I've personally just been going by months now that my LO is over 3 months old. I have trouble remembering how many weeks he is at this point, lol.
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