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Anyone else with a low AMH baby? like nonexistent low...

I was working up the nerve to intro on Infertility but I guess I go here now.  Our story is pretty common, but few ppl in our life know we were battling infertility, so sorry if this comes off like a dear diary...I just turned 31, had a completely textbook pregnancy with my first 3 yrs ago, got our amazing DD.  We decided to try for num 2 in Aug 2015.  It took me three months to get pg with DD, so I didn't think anything was wrong when we weren't pg right away.  Finally in December present for us.  We were elated, but it was over by New Years.  I was crushed but I know its common and yada, yada so I kept my head up and kept swimming.  In April during my annual I mentioned it to my OB who wasn't concerned and told me to soldier on, so we did.  The next month I had the shortest cycle of my life, just 18 days.  I was temping so I knew I had ovulated on day 8, which was even earlier than my standard day 11 or 12.  I had read enough online about perimenopause to start getting scared ( hello chin hairs!) so I made an appt with my OB for CD 3 Fertility bloodwork.  She was very positive about our odds, suggested clomid and said we would wait for the results.  That cycle I responded well to the clomid, but neither of our eggs got fertilized and my OB called me to tell me why.  My hormones were that of a 45 yr old, AMH a nonexistent .17 and FSH 11.  She basically told me I had less than 5% chance to conceive on my own and referred me to an RE, warning me that I was headed for an early menopause and time was not on our side .  The wait for the RE was three months.

 I grieved the family I envisioned since IVF wasnt an option financially for us, and decided to try everything under the sun before the appt.  I did a gluten free diet ( lost 18 pounds!) had an intense supplement regimen, did accupunture and tried to think positively.  Last month we did an HSG, just to rule out tubal manlfunction, and my OB consented to giving me progesterone suppositories to start after ovulation, stating "it can't hurt"  and somehow we finally got another bfp.  I knew age was on my side but I didn't believe with my shitastic ovaries that there might still be a good one in there.  I KNOW it was the progesterone after ovulation that helped this one stick, and I am continuing through 12 weeks.   I am nutso PGAL though, and have convinced myself that this pregnancy isn't viable but the progesterone is stopping me from miscarrying.  And I can't talk about this with anyone, DH is just excited and doesn't share my concern.  I had slight nausea last week but it seems to have gone away...Im going to go crazy before 12 weeks.  If I lose this one, I might not have another chance.  My first appt isnt until Sept 24th, and I refused betas bc I thought they would make me more batshit crazy but I dont know if that's possible now.

So yeah, that's how I got here.  When not pregnant I enjoy olives soaked in vodka, Husker football and using the shit out of my crock pot.  Thanks if you made it through that novel, any other low AMH pregnancies here?

Re: Anyone else with a low AMH baby? like nonexistent low...

  • Lol! Cheers to the olives soaked in vodka! Sorry I can't be of any help with the levels. Just support. I, too, have lost two pregnancies after the birth of my DD. I also had a perfect pregnancy with my first. So I get it. I feel broken and am driving myself CRAZY over here waiting for my 1st apt. They won't see me till 9 weeks on 9/16. My only consistent symptom is my sore boobs. I'm just surprised they can still inflate and deflate so much after all these pregnancies! So... If I figure out a way to shed my early pregnancy "crazy" I'll let you know for sure!
  • I wish I would have read something like this myself 12 months ago so I want to share!  Here is my story of getting pregnant while being peri-menopausal with an almost nonexistent AMH.  I was only 40 and trying for the first time to conceive.  My AMH was .0008  (yes .000) .  To make matters worse my Mom and sister just informed me that they went through menopause at 41-43ish (what???  And no one thought to warn me before???!!)  My periods were down from 5 days in my 20s to less than 1 day at 41, when I got pregnant naturally!!  I am 28 weeks pregnant now with a healthy baby, so far so good!!  Don’t give up hope and stay positive!    I want to add that I tried IVF with 3x the normal hormone doses and it only yielded 1 egg that never fertilized.  I got pregnant on my 1 month break before starting another IVF cycle.  I also did every natural/alternative thing I could think of.  I took DHEA, vitamin D, CoQ10 and Chinese herbs.  I ate as organically as possible and ate more things thought to be linked to increased fertility like whole milk, nuts, and fresh Royal Jelly (bee-yuck).   I did yoga and meditated everyday and went to acupuncture 2x a week.  I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol (ok 1 glass of wine with dinner once in a while, but just 1, not my usual 3 or 4).  I also stopped working out heavily and just walked and did restorative yoga.   I also asked by hubby to cut back on certain things and had him taking male fertility vitamins.    Just wanted to share; I hope this gives someone the hope and possitivity they need to conceive!

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