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Major fail lol

DD woke up at 4am to eat and once she ate and went to sleep i went to pump. By the time i finished pumping and washing everything i had 45 min to take a quick nap before ready to work. I got up got my pump and went to work. While i was at work DH called me 5 min before i was going to pump to tell me i had left my flanges and bottles at home. Fail! I was a starting to feel a bit engorged so i had to hand express. Hahaha i hope this doesnt happen again.

Re: Major fail lol

  • This girl at work did that and had her husband drive all the way into the city to bring then to her. Mine definitely wouldn't do that for me, lol. I'm so worried I'll do that though!
  • Must be something about today because I brought my pump but forgot my flanges & bottles. Hubs had to drive them to me downtown! Ooops!
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  • I have two sets of parts - one for home and one for work for just that reason! It happened once with my first LO. Luckily I work at a hospital so I contacted the LC and bought it right then and there.
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  • I brought everything, but forgot the liners I pump into! Found a mason jar in the kitchen, and pumped into that!
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