Pregnant after 35


Anyone been diagnosed with IUGR? I had a growth scan last week at 35+6 baby is measuring 3lbs12ozs... They are doing another scan tomorrow and scheduling my csection for this weekend. I will be 37 weeks Friday... Just wondering if anyone has similar experiences and the outcome for the baby... Thanks


  • I've seen a ton of posts on this, so may be just search if no one replies? Every post I've ever read has had a positive outcome, though. My placental resistance has been a little high since 32 weeks, which can lead to IUGR. My baby was actually measuring a week ahead, but is now right on track, so I believe that it could be affecting her. They say that IUGR is not something that happens over night, though and that they will have plenty of time to induce you if conditions worsen. I know it's stressful, but it made me feel a lot better knowing that it's not an "emergency" and that, should the baby be better off out than in, that it's easily managed as long as they're monitoring you for it...and it sounds like they are! I'm not sure how much this would help, but my ultrasound tech advised me to walk less when my placental residence first elevated. She says that your legs are such big muscles that, when you walk a lot, a lot of your blood goes to your legs and away from your uterus. If nothing else, then it's a good excuse to take it easy!
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