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Transition from Nap to No Naps/ 3 Year Old

I have been lurking around this board hoping someone might have a similar issue/question...

Any moms out there who made the decision to drop naps and change the bedtime to an earlier one? What were wake up/bedtimes without naps? Also, did you incorporate a quiet time or rest time at a certain time of day in place of the nap?

DD has not been napping most days over the last month or so, but when trying to move bedtime earlier, it's like she gets a second wind and is up another hour or more, putting her right back at a later bedtime without a nap. It's tricky because I have a 5mo who seems to need to eat or sleep at the same time I need to bathe or wind toddler down- DH works until 9pm so can't hand one off to him, which is easiest on the few nights he is sometimes home! Any suggestions on routine or schedules much appreciated :-) TIA!

Re: Transition from Nap to No Naps/ 3 Year Old

  • I have DS1 who is 4, DS2 who is 2 and DS3 who is 5 mo. DS1 and 2 share a room. DS3 is on his own since he wakes up all night still. 
    After lunch, we have quiet time. DS2 and 3 will usually both nap. DS1 will read or play quietly. Sometimes he might nap as well. DS1 can get up when one of his brothers gets up. 
    We play and do whatever until 7:30. Then the older two have a snack, brush their teeth and get to watch a TV show. Currently they are big into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Team Umizoomi. When the show is over (about 8), they each pick out one book from the drawer in their room. We read together and say prayers. Each boy has a "pass" which is a piece of paper with their name on it that I covered in packing tape. They can use their pass each night once to get out of their room for something specific (a drink, use the bathroom, one more hug...). We leave a night light on so they can wind down a little.  DS1 might "read" to himself and DS2 usually talks to his stuffed animals. They both fall asleep by 8:30 or 8:45. 
  • My son is two but quit napping at 18 months. Back then he still needed the nap and was very irritable but won't sleep. We did hush time where he could nap or play quietly in bed, with a puzzle or toy that didn't make noise. Once in a toddler bed he wouldn't always stay so it's more of being in his room or the couch. Hush time Iis whenever I get his 7 month old brother to nap after lunch. Used to be an hour, but now it's much less. It's hard to be strict when his brother is screaming in our small apt. His bed time is 8 (but we get ready for it at 730) and he wakes up between 645 to 745am. Usually at 7. I had to move the bedtime up slowly, try 10 to 15 min intervals. Good luck! Ps- can you bathe him earlier? I used to do a late bath but now I do afternoon just to accommodate the two, with the baby it's hard at night.
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