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Is a 20-year old stroller still safe?

My mother-in-law has a 20-year-old Graco Brougham LXI stroller she wants us to use for our soon-to-be-born daughter. She says it's really good quality and was very expensive in the days. I am a bit worried about it though, cause it is about 20 years old (used for almost 21-year-old brother-in-law). 
I tried to google the model and it seems it was one of the best strollers in 1994. I called the manufacter (Graco), but they could not help me. The customer service employee said there just isn't any information available for a stroller that old and that she could not tell me if there are any safety issues with the model or if it was ever recalled. She did tell me that strollers do not expire, so it should be safe for use even when it's that old. 

I am not sure if I'm just too over-protective, but I want to make sure she is safe. Does anyone have any information about this?

Re: Is a 20-year old stroller still safe?

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    I would just check it out. Is there rust or peeling paint? Any gears that are sticking out? Padding falling apart that could be a choking hazard? Mechanisms that won't lock/ unlock? Check things like that and make sure the seat is clean and you should probably be fine.
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    Wow! I don't even know why you would keep a stroller for 20 years. I found a photo of one. and Children/Baby Gear/Strollers/GracoBroughamLXISingleStroller10pic.jpg.html?filters[term]=Graco Brougham LXI Single Stroller $10&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=0

    It's going to have very old plastic moving parts (read: could be brittle and break). The fabric may be old and musty after being stored and there may not be a good way to wash it. But yeah, as PP said, if you want to use it, then check it out and make sure it still works and folds up, etc. Also, make sure that there aren't places that little fingers can get stuck. Just because it was an awesome stroller in 1994, doesn't mean it's an awesome stroller now.

    On a personal note, I wouldn't use a stroller that is 20 years old, especially since the manufacturer can't even tell you anything about it, such as recalls, etc.


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    Um no- get a new stroller

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    Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable using it if there was no way to tell if it had been recalled. I'm sure she's right that it was a great stroller back in the day, but 20 years is a LONG TIME. I don't think you are being overprotective at all. If money is an issue, you could always buy a newer model second-hand and feel more confident about its merit. I see strollers in excellent condition sell for heavily discounted prices on a local garage sale Facebook group in my area.
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    As long as there is no rust around the wheels, I am sure it will be fine.
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    Personally, I wouldn't use it, for the recall issue stated above. A lot changes in 20 years, and if something was recalled, you wouldn't know. My mom used a buggy that is from the 50's (it was her buggy when she was born),  with my daughter (and all of my cousins used it as well), but I looked the whole thing over and she was only using it to walk my daughter to the park across the street a few times a month. But for something you are planning on using regularly....I wouldn't use the old stroller. 
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    I wouldn't use it either. You don't know about recalls or what safety standards have changed since it was made. It'd be like taking a drop-side crib and using it...they were fine when they were being produced but since have been proven to be unsafe and thus aren't made anymore.
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    We have a 10 year old Maclaren stroller that we use.  I know that's not quite as old, but it seems just like the brand new Summer Infant one that we have.  However, my daughter is 18 months and we don't use it that frequently.  I would definitely be hesitant about putting an infant in such an old stroller.
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    I'd try it out but chances are it is seriously heavy, the wheels won't be great, or it will smell.
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    I would get a new one for sure. Plastic deteriorates over time and you have no idea if it was ever recalled. There are plenty of affordable options.
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    My mom had the version that 2 kids could fit in for me! When my brother was born 4 years later in 96 she still used this stroller because I can remember still riding iI it at the mall because it laid back and I could sleep. Then 11 years later my mom used it for her god child. Then gave it to a lady at church that had given all her baby stuff away and had a suprised pregnancy and she used it. About 5 years ago. My mom has said it was a very good stroller when I was born (the one that fits 2 kids) she said it had a lot of head support and such. But if you can afford a new one and you want a new stroller buy a new stroller. :)
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    Personally I wouldn't. There are plenty of very affordable stroller options out there if money is an issue. My feelings are why take the chance? I'd be worried about the fabric and plastic having dry rot and breaking or ripping while my baby was in it. On top of that you have no idea if there were any issues or recalls with it, and considering the manufacturer can't even give you any info would be the main reason to pass.

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    I would prefer to buy new or use something of my 4 year olds that was bought new and I know what it's been through. If you wouldn't mind something 20 years old, you can look at it for rust and loose pieces.
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    I bought a 5 year old sit n stand stroller that hadn’t been used and I still feel like it’s heavier and creakier  than a newer stroller even though it was in perfect condition.  I’d rather buy a newer used stroller.  There are so many on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or eBay.  I’d also want one that fits a car seat.   I think the plastic gets really brittle over time, so like the brake mechanism and things like that might not be in top shape.
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    Check for rust broken parts etc. I’ve been on a mission to find one. If it’s in good shape & you don’t want it, I will so buy it if affordable.
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