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Self confidence struggle. :/

Okay. So my whole life I've been a lil overweight and recently I had overcome my big obbsticule and lost a lil over 20lbs finally made it under 200 lbs. Then boom found out I was pregnant. Now. I'm starting to have a lot of self esteem issues and finding myself more disgusting even though I haven't even gained much weight. I'm only 15 wks and im really not sure how to deal with this. Anyone have healthy workout routines, tips on how to deal, maybe just a lil postive thoughts????

Re: Self confidence struggle. :/

  • I had the same exact problem I was weighing 185 before I got pregnant I had just finished losing a good 25 pounds I'm pregnant now I'm 39 weeks I'm due in 4 days I gained almost 30 pounds since my pregnancy and I felt so horrible and disgusted by gaining the weight but at the same time I had to remember that I'm gaining weight for a positive reason I'm not gaining weight just because I'm eating wrong for not working out and gaining weight to have a healthy baby during my whole pregnancy I walked every day I started walking early in the pregnancy so that later when I was really big I wouldn't push myself too much and walk too much or it be too much for me I drink a lot of water and I know you get cravings and or whatever but don't let the cravings or the fast food overcome you because technically that baby doesn't know what a cheeseburger is what Mexican food is all the unhealthy food really is his stomach is so small it's fine to eat the craving that you get just limit yourself to the amount you eat yes your eating for two but you don't need to eat for two grown adults an extra glass of milk a day helps your baby not an extra cheeseburger I I think walking eating lots of fruit vegetables and minimizing the craving amount you eat to a minimum will help you don't look at yourself negative because you're gaining weight look at yourself in a positive way because after you have your baby you're going to lose weight the placenta the water you have uterus the baby's weight all that is all going to add up and by the time your done having your baby your going to go back to your weight you began with. Stay positive mommie!
  • I have continued my workout routines. I do cardio some days and crossfit 3-4 days a week. I have struggled with body image my whole life and now at 22 weeks pregnant I feel huge. Not myself, unattractive, etc.
    but the joy I get from feeling my little guy kick me makes it all worth it. Yes i will have to work harder after he is born but creating a human is the most amazing miracle there is.

    Keep your chin up. Stay active as you can. Eat healthy foods and do a lot of positive self talk and thinking. You are beautiful and taking on this journey a much bigger accomplishment than we even know.
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  • Thanks yall. I have had two lil girls and I only gained 20 lbs during pregnancy and always lost it right after. I'm sure it's still just cause I have yet to get NY baby bump and being constantly constipated I'm extremely bloated. So I feel huge and yet I know it's bit my lil orange size baby yet. Hopefully maybe meaning a boy this time I feel so blah and unattactive cause with my girls I felt completely differnt and always beautiful and glowing. Never had the acne which I have been getting like everrywhere. So the self confidence has been stumped in so many levels. It will surely get better but this momma is finding it hard on most days.
  • We all have our days. But just remember this;

    You're doing an AMAZING job, Momma! Even on our "worse days", we're still beautiful. Even when we don't feel like it! Our bodies are doing something amazing - Making a baby! So, in a way, that's VERY beautiful! :)
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