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Pregnant after 35

What tests offered/suggested for 35+ years old?

I am currently 35, I will be 36 at the time of my delivery.

This will be my 3rd child.  I have a lot of emotions around this pregnancy (only 6 weeks in) and was more than shocked with my missed period.

Anyhow, being 35 what tests will be required or suggested? what risk is carried with each? How much bigger a risk to me and baby at my age of 35 and do they base the risk on age of pregnancy or delivery.  My husband is 34 if that matters and will be 34 at delivery.

Thank you!

Re: What tests offered/suggested for 35+ years old?

  • These questions would be much better answered by your doctor when you go for your visit. However, here is a link from the Mayo Clinic with some info:



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  • I know but my visit isn't until the end of September and I can't wait that long to start to calm some of my worries and just educate myself.
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  • How far along will you be at the first appt? Are they doing a dating ultrasound? My OB sees you at around 8 weeks for the first visit. There are also some blood screening tests that are done around 12 weeks (such as MaterniT21, Panorama, Harmony) that test for probabilities of different abnormalities or genetic disorders. They do them a little earlier so that if you then need/recommended a diagnostic test (CVS or amnio) you will have time to do them in the window for those tests.

    CVS: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/chorionic-villus-sampling/basics/definition/prc-20013566

    Amnio: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/amniocentesis/basics/definition/prc-20014529


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  • I was 35 and had one genetic abnormality related loss at 34. I wanted C.V.S, but my doctor recommended an ultrasound first and based on what she saw either Materna Plus or C.V.S. The ultrasound looked good, so we took her advice and opted for the non-invasive Materna Plus. You also find the sex of the baby out early with Materna Plus! Aside from that, all of the other testing we did was standard.
  • I'm 37, and in the last year I had two losses due to genetic abnormalities. However, my doc still suggested to start slow with the testing. I've had a lot of basic blood tests to rule out issues that I could be a carrier for. And. I just had my 8 week appointment and she's been monitoring my numbers. At 10 weeks I will be doing blood tests which isolate the baby's DNA from mine to check for trisomys. It will also tell us the gender of the baby. If those come back with any concerns we will follow up with more invasive testing if needed (CVS or Amnio). These tests are providing a lot of comfort for me, but each person is different. Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons.
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  • Sorry to read about your loses Cmerribury, I live in the UK, am 41 years old, third baby (youngest 17 so BIG gap) and I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 12 weeks and then at scan I was told I was 24weeks. So I had missed all my tests which really put me into a panic, we rushed to a private clinic in London and had the Harmony test which is a blood test which tests for downs etc....much easier and less invasive than the amino
  • @EmmaParamedic thank you. This pregnancy has been really scary, but I'm
    Hoping we won't need CVS or Amnio, they terrify me. I'll ask my doctor about Harmony, I keep reading about it. Congrats on your pregnancy! Your older kids must be really excited!
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