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how long does it take your LO to finish a bottle?

When I breastfeed, LO usually seems satisfied after about 15 min total, if not less. For bottle feeding (I usually offer him 4.5 oz), it can take half an hour or more. He doesn't seem annoyed by the nipple hole being too small and he still ends up with some of it leaking down is mouth so I don't think it's too slow. He's just over 3 months and uses size 2s still. He just takes his sweet time! How long does it take your LOs to eat?

Re: how long does it take your LO to finish a bottle?

  • My DS is 13 weeks old and to eat 4oz it takes him anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour (depends if he is sleepy or not)
  • My DS is 16 weeks old. We are on medium playtex nipples. It depends on how hungry he is. This morning it took him 15 minutes to eat 6 oz.

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  • jame1380jame1380 member
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    DS is 17 weeks using Dr. Brown level 2 nipple. He finishes 5 ounces in about 15-20 minutes. He has figured out how to reach up and push the bottle away and bring it back. Now it has become a game. I actually just took the bottle away because he was playing and not eating. I do that when he is taking forever to eat to. He either fusses for it back or he's good. Usually when he wants it back, he starts eating faster.
  • 6 oz takes 30-45 min depending on if we are using a slow or medium nipple.
  • Well I guess he's about average! I thought I had a slowpoke. It seems like it takes forever!
  • DMELDMEL member
    Takes my little man about 15 min to eat 6 oz
  • A nursing session seems to take up to 30 mins and a bottle with 4oz 5-15 mins. He's 12 weeks.
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