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Baby Swaddled, Trying something new

My baby is getting to the point where he can get his hands out of the swaddle and the blanket when I wrap him at night. He's finally figured out how to use his hands and legs, so he will work them together to get unswaddled....LOL I'm thinking now would be a good time to try to let him sleep in the sleepers rather than swaddled. But if I put him in the sleepers, do I need to put a oneisie on first....I don't want him to be too cold or hot.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Baby Swaddled, Trying something new

  • I never hse a onsie but my sleepers have sleeves (i think some dont). Depends on the temp/humidity and also what fabric the sleeper is made out of. Mine is like fleece so she only wears it when its cooler at night otherwise we rock normal PJs
  • We still swaddle DS but are in the process of trying to stop swaddling. So he will be wearing a sleeper with a sleep sack overtop. Our house gets cold at night with the AC running but if we don't have it on it gets crazy hot. The way I look at it is, would I be cold wearing just pjs and having no blanket? Yes. So I plan on using the sleep sack overtop of a sleeper.

    I would think putting a sleeper overtop of a onesie would be very bulky and uncomfortable. But I can't speak from experience as we've never tried that with DS.
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  • Sleeper with sleep sack also over here (no onesie)
  • I use just a sleeper, her hands get cold but her core is warm.
  • I would suggest a sleep sack as well, especially as winter gets closer. Right now LO just sleeps in a onesie in the sleep sack but as it gets colder she will sleep in a sleeper in sleep sack, it's a great way to keep them warm without blankets.
  • I just recently stopped swaddling my LO so now I dress her in a onesie underneath the fleece sleep sack.
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  • We live in an area where it's been over 100 degrees almost every day since DS was born. He goes in the sleeper with just a diaper. The house is around 75 degrees at night and he runs really warm. I've put him in socks but he's never worn any of the footie pajamas that anyone got him
  • I put my LO in a onesie, swaddle her then put her in a sleeping bag, my country is very hot but our AC is very cold lol so it would depend on the room temperature and your LO, mind used to get very cold when she was less than a month old so i would double swaddle her, put her in a thicker sleeping bag
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    My LO sleeps in a sleeper or regular pajamas. No onsie. He hates to be swaddled since the first week we were home. When I did try to swaddle him he would break out of it. I even had the summer brand swaddle me swaddles with the velcro and one morning he was laying on top of it. I have no idea how that happened. Ever since we have been in sleepers and pajamas. He's perfectly content.
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