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Coughing on saliva

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For the past few weeks my DD has been clearing her throat by coughing whenever she gets excited. She just started to cough a few times a night in her sleep. She has an excessive amount of drool and bubbles lately, and she also spits up pretty regularly. Anyone else going through this?? Any advice??

Re: Coughing on saliva

  • Mine does this too! Minus the spit up. I've never thought much of it to be honest, but I'm anxious to hear what others have to say. I figure he just doesn't swallow as often as he should.
  • Mine does too. Seems to bother me more than him.
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  • ldmwldmw member
    Mine does too
  • Hello! I'm a June 2015 mom popping over to your board (LO born May 28th), Mine does this as well and I asked my pediatrician about it. He said the excess drool is due to the salivary glands kicking in and baby doesn't know what to do with all that exceed saliva. Sometimes it causes drooling or when they try to swallow it they may chock. The doc said he will outgrow it.
  • Babies drool.
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