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hello. So, I will be 12 weeks this come week. It was an unplanned pregnancy. I am making the very best of the situation, and have an amazing support system from family and close friends. Things have gone sour with the babies dad, he is choosing to not be involved, communicate with me, and he has still yet to tell his family. After this week I will have told all the family I need to tell in person, and want to be able to share my good news with the world, but I am friends with his sisters and friends online. My question is, do I give him a warning I will be posting? Should I reach out to his sisters via email? I know I would hate finding out something like this online, but the part that makes it hard is he doesn't care one bit about me, but I am trying to be the bigger person, and don't want any drama.

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  • I honestly think you shouldn't even worry I say shine on put the fact that you're pregnant on blast let the whole world know you were given a great blessing don't let what he thinks bother you they're going to find out eventually I would rather find out via online well you're only so far along rather than finding out later and you already have the baby congratulations on your little one don't let what your baby's dad says thinks or wants get to you you'll do fine without him stay positive everything will work out for you and your baby let his family know that you're pregnant if the father of the child doesn't want to be apart of the babies life that doesn't mean his family can't be a part of your baby's life either I say you go ahead and post it online let the whole world know!
  • Agree with the above!
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