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Hey need your help guys!!

My 10 month old baby girl has develop diaper rashes. I showed her to the dr he said its ammonia rashe and no medicine can be prescribed. Any one gone through it?? Any help or cream?? It had been 3 weeks! Totally confused! Dont know what to do???

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Re: Hey need your help guys!!

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  • Hey thanks for ur help but butt paste? I have no idea about it? Can you expalin it a little bit?
  • Ya coconut oil did helped but it is not getting finished properly! I guess its not a normal rahshe!
  • I use desitin everyday to prevent a rash from happening. Works well :)
  • We mix Vaseline, yeast infection cream, and zinc cream and works like a charm! Our doc gave us the recipe and it's how the pharmacy mixes it but we do it on our own. Vaseline is the barrier, yeast infection cream kills the bacteria and the zinc cream heals existing rash...
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    It's called Butt Paste and comes in a red tube. It doesn't have a harsh smell like Desitin (we used it once but the smell was just too strong).
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