Pregnant after a Loss

We don't know if we wanna try again

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This is our second loss, this one only a month ago, they were both unplanned. But losing them has made us want children more then ever. We are young (20) but if we are going to have trouble having a baby we don't know,maybe we should try now instead of in a few years. How long did it take for you to have your rainbow's, did anyone not wait very long after a miscarriage to try again

Re: We don't know if we wanna try again

  • Sorry for your losses. If it is not what you feel is the ideal time to have a baby now, but are worried that having a baby when you are ready will take time, maybe you can look into testing to see if you can find a reason for your losses. It may just be two strikes of bad luck, or it could be something that is treatable once diagnosed. By testing, then you are working towards your goal of eventually having kids, but aren't rushing a baby because you feel it may take you a while to have a baby. I hope you get your rainbow when the time is right, whether that be now or after testing and when the timing is more along your original timeline.
  • Sorry for your losses, I can totally relate as had the same thought pattern as you at first that I felt I needed to try again straight away to prove to myself it'll be ok second time or that God forbid should there be something wrong I'm one step closer to finding out why...
    A few weeks later and Ive come to terms a bit more with my mc now and although yes I want to find out and check alls ok, I also now know I really want my rainbow sooner rather than later and it's not just to prove I can etc! Not sure that made sense but lots of love and luck to everyone going through this x
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  • We have decided, along with the obgyn to get some tests done, thank you for your kindness lady's :)
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