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So I've got to test out going dairy free....

my daughter has had major digestive issues since getting her 2mo vaccines - like only pooping once a week and being in constant pain every evening from day 3 on. So I'm going to try no dairy.
Anyone else do this with success? Did you just quit eating and drinking dairy products or did you also need to request no butter used in cooking at restaurants, etc.?
Thanks in advance!

Re: So I've got to test out going dairy free....

  • I did! Our LO had runny poop and a hiney rash from very early on, so I knew something was up. I cut out all dairy and soy first... Butter, milk, cheese, the works. She got MUCH better but still had issues. I was VERY strict (we rarely eat out except for Chipotle, because everything has milk or butter... Including bread), so I knew something else in my diet must be causing issues. I cut out egg after she had a serious reaction and then corn as well. I reintroduced corn and confirmed it is for sure an issue. Now her poop is totally normal and she is in great shape.

    It's hard, I know, but SO WORTH IT. I love knowing that she isn't irritated by what I'm eating; she's less fussy; and she hardly ever spits up anymore.

    I would be very strict about it and see what happens. If your LO is still having issues, you can go from there to determine if it's dairy AND/OR something else. If you are lax about it, you won't get any sort of definitive answer.

    If you cut out all milk and dairy and LO's issues clear up, you can try a little butter and see how LO reacts. Just remember it can take a few days to see any reaction.

  • I didn't have to adjust my diet per say but was vegan during 90% of my pregnancy with DS since I was vegan previous to pregnancy as well. I added cheese in at the end of pregnancy and kept eating cheese at first when DS was born. Both him and I were irritated by the added dairy so I went back to a fairly strict vegan diet (still use honey etc in cooking) and we both felt better (he was less fussy and gassy). If you're looking for great recipes and substitutes check out she's a new mom (her daughter is almost one) and her recipes tend to be straightforward and easy to prepare. Good luck!
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  • Thanks, ladies! Do eggs have lactose? I'm just bummed because I eat tons of yogurt and cottage cheese for protein, and I just eat/drink a lot of milk in general - granola w milk, coffee w cream, goat and sheep's milk cheeses... Generally natural, organic, healthy options, but lots of them.
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    I cut out dairy bc DS was in pain nonstop with his tummy. It's tough but worth it to have a happy baby! Now that he's a little older I try eating a very small amount of cheese or milk with varied success. It's just easier now to cut it out (a little bit of butter while cooking has been fine for us though). Good luck!

    Edit: I've been using coconut milk to make my oatmeal and it's surprisingly yummy lol

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  • @nolababybaby not sure about eggs. Almond milk is a good substitute for milk (Silk brand unsweetened vanilla almond milk and even works in coffee). Also SO delicious coconut yogurt is tasty and has the probiotic live cultures that regular yogurt has. As for protein nuts, seitan, lentils and nutritional yeast are great substitutes. Various grains also like quinoa have a fair amount of protein.
  • Eggs do not have lactose. Lactose is a sugar found in milk
  • Some babies are not only irritated by lactose in dairy, but milk protein. This means that any form of dairy and dairy additives can show symptoms. It can be found in lunch meats as well. I have taken out all forms of dairy protein in my diet and have seen good results. Lo has far less reflux and stools are more normal (previously tested positive for race amounts of blood ) :(
  • Goats milk doesn't have lactose either.
  • I tried going dairy free... Lost five pounds the first week and was frantically hungry since so much stuff has dairy in it. I switched to soy formula and I have a happy baby, and a happy mama. Don't feel bad if you need to switch. Also, if you do go dairy free remember that it can take up to a week to see results.
  • BioGaia is a baby probiotic that worked really well for us. My DS was in pain every day, so we started that at 2 months old along with cutting dairy from my diet. In our pharmacies around here, it was always in the baby aisle like where diapers are (not in the vitamin/probiotic area). I cut out all direct dairy (butter, cheese, milk, etc.) and didn't worry about checking ingredients of every little other thing.
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  • My son has a milk and soy protein allergy. It has been 6 weeks for us and have seen some improvement. I mistakenly had rice cakes which had dairy and soy in them and he has been having loose stools and pain again. I am starting a blog to help new mamas figure out recipes and foods.
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