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I could cry.

Production wise, today has sucked!! My DS 2m fed great all morning and then fought tooth and nail with mr. Sandman all afternoon. Therefore I never got a chance to pump and now here it is, midnight, needing to pump so DH can take on a couple feedings and I'm coming up empty. I can't feel myself filling up and what I do pump out, is irritatingly ounce by ounce. Normally, I'm filling up bottles like hell! DS will probably be up to eat in the next couple hours and I haven't even been to sleep yet because I'm waiting for a good fill up. I'm so pissed. What to do??!!?

Re: I could cry.

  • I had a similar conversation with my LC & she said the worst thing you can do is watch the bottles when you pump--it causes stress & will make your supply drop. She told me to grab a beer & cover my chest while I pump lol.
  • The best thing to do is go back to the basics and do not forget to breathe. Make sure your drinking enough water and then drink some more. It's hard when you know your output is needed; and it is just as hard not to focus on the amount. Cover your chest, deep and cleansing breaths, and if you feel like you need to talk with an LC go for it. Their advice is so invaluable. Hang in there mom, and go drink some water.
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  • It could be that your supply is naturally lower at that time of night then when you normally pump. I wouldn't stress too much! Your body adjusted to make more milk at the time of day you normally pump, and not necessarily at this time.



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