Pregnant after a Loss

Please send positive thoughts!

Pleeeeease send me some positive thoughts and baby dust! I woke up yesterday with such intense vertigo, which I haven't had for probably 5 years now, if not more. It's stuck with me for two days now and gets worse when I go to lay down, move the wrong way, or whatever else I do to aggravate it. I have also felt sooo gassy, bloated, and just bleh in terms of my stomach. Not queasy at all, but just uncomfortable. I keep having mild cramps, and quick sharp pains in my lower sides of the stomach.

I think I ovulated late and I definitely think I had a longer follicular phase this month. The opk's showed positive for over a week (not super dark, but definitely dark enough) and only finally started to fade the other day. I THINK I ovulated on Tuesday based on the ewcm, and that was day 17 of my cycle. I knoooow it might be too soon for symptoms, so that's why I want the positive thoughts. :) It's too early to take a test, so it's just the waiting game. 1.5 years of trying that finally led to 3 pregnancies (all lost very, very early), and now we are officially at 3 years of trying. I want to say I "feel" pregnant, but my body has fooled me before.

Other symptoms I'm having are sore boobies (if I ovulated on Tues, this is pretty early for me to have sore breasts for AF), small headaches here and there, and occasional feelings of having a cold that go away and come back. Oh body, please be doing something great in there! And if you are, please let this baby STICK!

Re: Please send positive thoughts!

  • Awww!!*Hugs* I'm sorry for your losses and your in my thoughts in prayers. Keep faith and good luck . Keep us posted.
  • I was mildly crampy for 1-2 weeks before my bfp. I don't usually have pms symptoms that soon so I was really hoping I was pregnant. Good luck!!
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