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Crawler bumping into everything

DS is 7mo and just started crawling (army crawling on his tummy) in the past 2 weeks. Now that he's started to pick up the speed, he's bumping into things left and right (walls, his crib, his changing table). It's not like he doesn't see them, it's just like he doesn't realize how close they are to him. Most of the time it's a small bump and he doesn't even react and just keeps moving, but sometimes it's hard enough to make him cry (never for more than a few seconds). I watch him like a hawk, but even sometimes when I'm right there, he'll push off abruptly or roll suddenly and he hits something before I can stop him. I try to keep him in open spaces and away from walls and structures, but I also want to allow him to explore things and to learn how to navigate around the house. So I'm not sure what to do. Is all this normal? I'm getting concerned and constantly worried about concussions, etc.

Re: Crawler bumping into everything

  • Oh my goodness! My LO is doing the same thing!! He's also falling over when sitting up. The other day he fell back on his toy hitting the back of his head, then vomited about 45min later! Went to the dr and he's fine but now I'm wicked concerned about concussions too! When he's falling asleep in his crib at night, or when napping, he takes a few minutes to unwind and while he's doing that, he's bumping his head I the rails of his crib, trying to pull himself up to standing and falling over like a tree, and doing se downward dog yoga position with his head burrowed into the side of the crib. He's a bruiser! He's had red marks and small bruises on his forehead that we can't prevent because he's in his crib and we are trying to get him to self sooth as much as possible so thing happen. I think this is just what they do. They have thick skulls haha!!
  • My son who is almost 8 months is also crawling and standing. When he first started crawling he would hit his head probably 4x a day and sometimes pretty hard :( no matter how close of an eye I kept on him he'd manage to find a way. I just kept the real threats out of the way and that's really the best you can do. That was a couple months ago and now he's stronger so he catches himself a lot more and his balance a lot better. So yes, I'd say it's extremely normal!
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  • Ok good, thanks ladies. It's a hard balance to find because I want him to learn how to maneuver around stuff, but I also don't want him to get hurt. I have noticed that in the last week it has been happening less frequently though, so that's good, hopefully he is starting to learn to be more aware of his surroundings and that different surfaces hurt when you hit them. 
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