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baby acne and scaley eyebrows

My baby girl is almost 3 weeks old and she has baby acne and what looks to be cradle cap in her brows I have already tried coconut oil and that made it worse. I sponge her off with a clean damp wash clothe everyday and when I use soap I make sure I get it all off. I don't want to obsess over it but it looks terrible and painful....what have yall used that has helped??

Re: baby acne and scaley eyebrows

  • I hate that the coconut oil didn't help. :( it's helped my sons cradle cap tremendously. I use that and wash his hair and body with dove sensitive soap. I didn't want to use selsun blue or anything like that. I think it's too harsh. Mustela makes a newborn shampoo for cradle cap that works well also.
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  • Aquafor worked wonderful for us. I also picked off as much as I could and used a xradlw cap brush on his scalp.
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  • My DD had the same thing, I used a Q-Tip dipped in baby oil and got the stuff off of her brows then followed with a wet wash cloth. Then for her face I only used a wash cloth with pretty warm water everyday, no soap or anything, and did circular motions. It worked for us. Coconut oil did noting but make her greasy...
  • Breastmilk helps! :)
  • Vaseline worked for my LO too! I put vaseline on both his eyebrows after his bath and wipe it with a cotton damped in water and just swiped the cradle cap away. HTH!!!
  • I heard one pediatrician recommend head and shoulders shampoo for cradle cap. My DD had pretty bad baby acne that ended up changing into dry scaly skin, worse around her eyebrows and in the neck folds. About 2 weeks ago I started using aveeno baby eczema therapy, and her skin cleared in a few days. I put it on every day, sometimes twice a day on extra tough areas. The active ingredient is oatmeal extract, so it's not bad for her. Before that she had the issue for weeks and it wouldn't go away.
  • I use A & D ointment and once it soaks in, I comb his head with a fine tooth baby comb and lift off the loose pieces.


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