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Frozen BM refusal

Any ideas on what to do if baby won't eat frozen BM? I have been pumping since birth but supply is pretty non existent due to several factors. I had a lot saved from the beginning and today he's refusing and crying at the bottles I have been giving of thawed milk. I don't have any more fresh :/ it is fortified with high calorie formula so don't have to go straight to that? Of course it's the weekend and I can't call my doctor

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Re: Frozen BM refusal

  • Is this the first time you're giving him your frozen breast milk? First time with bottle? How old?
    You could have excess lipase in your milk. Makes it taste bad when stored for a long time but safe. Google that for more info. You could taste it yourself to see if it tastes weird.
    Try to rule out other issues, people often have bottle feeding issues. Is it too hot or too cold. Try a different bottle. Try feeding again when baby is sleepy or have someone else try feeding the baby.
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