Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant after miscarriage

Its about 5 months after my miscarriage now, and it might sound stupid. But I'm just so nervous and finding it hard to be as excited about this pregnancy. I'm 6 weeks and 3 days today. Got back a healthy ultrasound report 2 days ago. And even though I'm happy, I'm just scared to get excited again. Any advice?

Re: Pregnant after miscarriage

  • That's totally normal I had a MMC on Jan. 3 and found out I was 6wks pregnant on April 8 and was so nervous. On top of that I had a scare of my life when I started to bleed at 9wks but only to find out my cervix was still closed tight and babies was just fine and here I am now 25wks 1d and everything's going well. My advice to you is to have faith and think positive and everything will be ok. I'm sorry for your loss and you and the LO are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck on a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  • I am sorry for your loss and your feelings are totally normal. I don't know how many times I have told DH or family that I know how I feel isn't rational, but I can't control my fear. My only advice it to take each appointment as a step towards your healthy baby. My first appointment gave me confirmation that baby was in fact there and in my uterus. The next appointment we saw heartbeat. The next appointment we saw some movement. The next we had the harmony test which came back as low risk (yay!) and were able to locate baby with Doppler. Now, I am to the point I can find baby at home with my own Doppler. My next 'hurdle' to overcome is a healthy anatomy scan with no life threatening defects. Then I will be looking to get past the age of viability. Each thing is getting us one step closer to a healthy baby. If ever you feel like you are going crazy, just remember there is one chick more crazy, this one. Haha congratulations on your rainbow, those first weeks are so nerve wracking, but just take each appointment as a step closer to your healthy baby. Easier said than done. Sorry for the ramble, just know you aren't alone in having had the innocence of a healthy pregnancy taken from you. I am 14 weeks and still say 'if everything works out and the baby is born, then....' 8-}
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  • It's definitely normal. What worked best for me was allowing myself to feel however I felt. If I felt like crying, then I'd cry and usually feel better afterwards. Having at least one person to talk to, even if it's someone you don't know/meet on here and being honest with my doctor about my feelings. Never be embarrassed to call. I told my new doctor about my loss and they let me come in more frequently and even worked me in once when my doctor wasn't there for a quick ultrasound because I was anxious. And, if you believe in it, pray like crazy!
  • I'm exactly the same way, I'm absolutely thrilled for this little one, but also paralyzed by fear of losing them.  I'm just taking everything one day at a time.
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  • The waiting is just torture and I guess we feel it more in the first few weeks. Still don't know a confirmed EDD and trying to stay sane till my next appointment. I've been telling myself "today, I am pregnant" and enjoying the moment, even read out a Dr. Seuss' book aloud to my currently non existent bump just to get me to stop worrying for a while. Stay strong @Juliamarie96 !
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