Pregnant after 35

my genetic test came back positive for down syndrome

My question is. Is this blood test 100 percent accurate? The genetic Consular Said it was 90 percent accurate. I'm just scared but still feel blessed to have my baby regardless of having DS. I just need support.


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    It's not diagnostic. If a test comes back with high odds, then my doctor's office offers patients amnio. Have they seen any soft markers on an ultrasound, too?
  • I've known people who this has come back for like this and it didn't mean anything in the end. I've heard you can get false positives on those.
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  • I believe the only 100% accurate diagnostic test is Amnio.
  • Im sure its not my test just came back on Friday but my OB explained the blood shows a possibility amniocentesis is the only for sure best of luck to you all this can be stressful and scary but you have the right mindset
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    Hi! I was in the same situation about six weeks ago. Did your doctor's office give you a rough percentage? Ours came back with high odds and we confirmed Down's w/a CVS. I asked our genetic counselor the same thing re: false positives. She gave the same reliability of 90% and she said of all the chromosomal abnormalities that it is most reliable for Down's. As PPs have said, you've got a great mindset. Take it day by day, moment by moment and please feel free to reach out via PM. I'm feeling my way though this, but am happy to be a resource.
  • The blood draw tests are all screening tests. They tell you the odds or chances or possibilities of something. Only a diagnostic test, such as an amniocentesis or CVS, can tell you with certainty. As PP said, usually when a screening test comes back with a high probability, then a diagnostic test is recommended.


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  • I did the screening and came back negative, but I still chose to have the amniocentesis done to be safe. I'm still waiting for the results. Are they giving you that option? You should do it. A bit uncomfortable & painful but worth the peace of mind.
  • It's a hard time when you're waiting for results. I don't envy you. Though like a PP you've a good mindset to the situation. One thing about the results you got is that it does really depend on the test done how accurate the risk is. Some tests have a greater degree of accuracy than others. And like pp said amino tests will say yes/no where others are your statistical chances
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