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Travel with my frozen breast milk

Hey all! Please let me know if this has been discussed so I'm not repeating but I'm moving this Sunday about 2 hours into a new home and need to move my frozen breastmilk stash! Unfortunately dry ice is not an n option as the only supplier in town is not open on the weekend or this evening after work (lame ice people) so I'm stuck with ice vs ice packs . I know it needs to stay frozen and was wondering if anyone had any sucess with a certain type of wrapping, cooler, or ice alternative. Any advice is appreciated! Starting over would make me sad!!Thankss

Re: Travel with my frozen breast milk

  • I have no experience, so this is just an opinion. I would pack it in a plastic cooler so it keeps the cold better. Then I would put your ice packs and fresh ice in there. I'd pack it as much as possible. As long as it's the last thing you pack and first thing you unpack I think you'd be fine.

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  • You could also duct tape the cooler closed so it doesn't lose as much cold through the seems..
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  • Wrap the bags of milk in foil and leave them in the freezer like that before you pack it up. The aluminum helps hold the temperature inside of the bags longer.
  • Plastic cooler with ice! Our cooler keeps ice for at least 5 hours, it's a green Coleman
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  • Yeti cooler.
  • I brought home frozen milk from the hospital after my LO was born and the nurse stuck it in a freezer bag with ice.
  • Make sure your fridge is plugged in at your new home!!
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