Pregnant after a Loss

Earliest Symptoms?

Hi girls! This is just a curiousity post. How long after ovulation did you experience your first signs of pregnancy, and what were they?

Re: Earliest Symptoms?

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    3weeks- constipation, fatigue, electric bolts of sharp pain down there, bloatedness, backaches. Heartburn from 4weeks
  • Heart palpitations! And I don't remember exactly when, but before my missed period.
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  • I was super dizzy mainly at night starting about a week after ovulation.
  • @rachrobertson, have you ever had vertigo? I woke up this morning with CRAZY dizziness. Like, the room was spinning. I've had really bad vertigo before (years ago, I woke up with it out of the blue and it stuck with me for about a year!). It's been a really long time since I've been THIS dizzy. It went away during the day for the most part, but it started coming back in waves tonight. I ovulated on Tuesday, so not quite a week. Probably too soon for symptoms, but I guess you never really know right? Fingers crossed tight that's it's a good thing!!
  • I have never had dizzy spells before. If my sugar gets low, I would feel lightheaded sometimes, but not dizzy. That TWW sucks and you analyze everything! I just thought my PMS symptoms had changed after my loss, but I was pregnant and just didn't know it. My dizziness was mainly after laying down, I would stumble to the bathroom in the morning because I was so dizzy. It went away after about a month of it happening on and off. I hope this is an early symptom for you too and you get your rainbow!
  • @rachrobertson, it's only happening when I lay down other than a quick one when I was dancing around the house with my niece earlier. But it was so bad just now that I literally had to grab the couch I was laying on because I thought I was going to roll right off. Uhhhh. I of course hope it's an early symptom of pregnancy, but I hope it's a quick one. I'll take nausea over this. This is bad! But again...a small price to pay for something we have been trying for for so long, so fingers crossed.
  • My first inclination was a week before my missed period. I was at a barre class and my skin hurt. Like wearing yoga pants was irritating on my stomach. I've only had that feeling while pregnant.
  • I had a small cold actually. In the back of mind I thought I might be pregnant - but the doc said I didn't ovulate that month so I didn't think much about it. It certainly made the TWW go faster and once I had the BFP I knew the cold was my immune system preparing for growing another human!
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  • Tiredness. Soooooo tired!
  • I noticed I had to always pee and I was super bloated and Cranky like a week or 2 after
  • I can pinpoint the weekend we conceived because my husband has been out of town so much for work. I felt symptoms immediately. Of course my first symptoms were gross--gas and constipation, instant "baby brain." Fatigue and dizziness began about two weeks after. No sore boobs yet, but I'm only 5 1/2 weeks!
  • I had cramping instantly. I still do but it's far less and comes and goes. I also had some implantation bleeding. I'm 5w3d
  • At about 4 weeks I started getting sore and sensitive breasts and I broke out like I never have, then fatigue a couple of weeks later along with an insatiable appetite and moodiness. 
  • Morning sickness and smells ahh everything smells lol
  • They say there's no way you can tell at 2 weeks but I knew from the feeling that I had before with my first pregnancy it was the same feeling, I just knew. I even told my husband I thought I was pregnant and he didn't think so but I kept telling him something was off that I was ether pregnant or my head was playing tricks with me so his was response was that I was crazy lol and we'll see if you get your period this time or not. So after not recirvung my period, we waited a week to buy a couple tests because my periods are irregular and I took them and they both said pregnant and I was like I TOLD YOU SO. Lol.
    But fatigue was my first's kinda hard to notice it at first though. It's a sneaky symptom.
  • This could be a coincidence but I got a bad cold right after we conceived! I never, EVER get sick. I told a friend of mine how congested I was and she said "oh you're probably preggo" and I completely blew her off not knowing how right she was lol.
  • Oh I also forgot to mention, as my expected period was approaching I had ZERO Pms symptoms. Not a one. Totally out of character for me
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