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Bathing Twins

FTM here due with twins.  I am working on my registry and unsure what to pick as far as infant bath tubs go.  

Do you find you always bathe them separately or try to do them both at once?  Any product recommendations?  

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Re: Bathing Twins

  • Separately until they can sit on their on in the tub. One baby hung out in the mamaroo while we bathed the other. We were big fans of the blooming bath flower. Really easy to use, soft for kiddos to lay in and washable.
  • Same as pp. bathed them separately until they can sit by themselves. We used just a simple baby bathtub and put it on the counter until they started kicking, then in the tub so they didn't get everything wet. Put the baby who wasn't being bathed in a rocker seat by us until it was his turn.

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  • We bathe them separately as well. Mine are 2 and a half months old. We love the angel care bath tub. It's really soft and has holes in it. It sits in the tub so there's no mess. Since there are holes in it, the water comes up and keeps their backs warm as well. It's shape is contoured to keep them in place, but let them kick in the water. We got ours from

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  • I bathe mine together in the regular tub.  At first I used an infant tub and did them one at a time, but that took too long.  Now we fill the tub with a little bit of water and lay them on their backs in the tub.  As they've gotten older we've made the water deeper and now they have tummy time in the tub more than on their backs (5 months old).
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  • We initially bathed them one at a time in a basic infant tub. Now we use a bath support (made by jolly jumper for each baby in the big tub. They love kicking and having their feet touch. I used a pool noodle and cut it to the length and sliced it to slide over the bottom edge to cushion it and give a bit more support. Works great.

    I feel comfortable washing them both at the same time but I only bathe them together if DH is home to help take them out. It's to risky for me to take one out, turn my back to put them down while having one in the tub.

    Babes are 4 months now
  • Separately in an infant tub until they were old enough and big enough to sit up and stay up in a bigger tub!
  • I needed this thread! Thanks op! My twins are 4 mo and my big guy is almost growing out of the infant tub. However, they can't sit on their own yet and I would be incredibly nervous putting them in the big tub for several reasons. First, access to our tub is difficult - it is extra tall (awesome for good soaks) and the toilet blocks over half of it. So even if there were two parents available, only one could access the baby/babies. Plus, once they can sit, what if one throws themselves back all of the sudden & hits their head while you are attending to the other one? I would love, love, love to bathe them both at once though. I definitely need a solution for at least DS soon. Perhaps it's just bathing him by himself in the big tub? Can I do it without him being able to sit up yet?
  • We initially used an infant tub and did one at a time.  Now when I have time I will do each one individually in a bit of water in the tub while the other chills in the Mamaroo.  

    If we are rushed or I don't feel like spending the time to do both individually I will do them both at once using my Angel Care seats.  I love these things!  They both fit in the tub and support the babies while I bathe them.  When it comes time to take them out I put one of them on a change pad on the floor wrapped in a blanket so they are safe and sound while I get the other one out and ready for the day.  

  • @blairdavis99
    My DS was a big guy early too. We had a second baby tub from IKEA (super cheap). It doesn't have the Built in angled part so it had more room. Then I used the Jolly Jumper Ez bath I posted earlier and hooked it on one edge which supported him to sit but has way more leg room. Not sure if that makes sense. Still only solves one baby at a time though.
  • Mine get bathed separately. My niece who's 8 entertains the one not being bathed and then we switch. It's so nice to live next door to family! I bathed them together one time and I got to overwhelmed and nervous and I think they felt it bc they both screamed the whole time.
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    The NICU gave us (what was essentially) a small Rubbermaid bin to bathe them in. It worked great when they were tiny. Much easier than the fancy "bay bathtub" we had for DD. 
    Once they could sit up, the old fashioned bath-in-the-sink was the easiest option. 
    Also, we bathed them separately until they started to go into the regular tub, now it's always together. 
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