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Walk down memory lane...finding out you were pregnant

I was going through some old pictures on my phone and realized it will be one year ago tomorrow that I found out I was pregnant... so I thought maybe it would be fun to share how we found out or what made us think we were pregnant.

Every day during the summer I would pack a picnic lunch and go to the local gardens for my lunch hour, well last August 21 during my picnic I fell asleep, like dead asleep in the middle of a crowded public place...embarassing! That night when I got home I barely made it up the stairs before curling up on the floor and closing my eyes, my DH came over and poked me asking if I was ok, or if I was sick. It was that moment I had a flicker of hope and excitment and ran off to the bathroom to take a test. I thought even if I was pregnant it wouldn't show up because my period wasn't due for another 5 days. Sure enough though I could faintly see a line, but since it wasn't clear we drove down to the pharmacy to get one of those tests that says either pregnant or not pregnant for a more clear result... when it came back pregnant I almost fell to the floor I was so excited!!

DD was due May 1 but she always measured big and came two weeks early so I think I was probably further along then I had thought when I took the test.

Cant believe that was a year ago tomorrow ! and DD will also be 4 months tomorrow :)<3

Re: Walk down memory lane...finding out you were pregnant

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    It'll be a year August 27th. It was the morning of teacher inservice. It was so hard to sit through boring meetings when I was bursting with excitement inside! I ran to Walmart that morning and bought bibs that said grandma on them to show my mom before work - I couldn't wait. I announced on Halloween at 14 weeks along. The first 20 weeks were rough, but I really enjoyed the last half. DD was due May 7th and showed up May 15th (probably would have come later had I not been induced). <3
  • It will be a year on Sept 8th since I found out I was pregnant....  I was feeling sick and very tired and thought why not take a test... SURE ENOUGH I WAS PREGNANT!  I cried with excitement and called my husband immediately to share our news!  Makes me sad and happy to think about, it all goes so fast!  Baby boy is 3 months old today!
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  • It'll be a year the first week of Sept. I took a pregnancy test on my lunch break from work. I had a feeling and I was also giving my 2 weeks notice at a (horrible) job I had been at for 5 years THAT DAY so I wanted to know so I could back out of my decision to leave my job if I had to. Talk about timing!!

    When I found out I was sooo nervous, confused, and hormonal. H and I had been trying for about 2 months but then stopped when a new job opportunity came up. I wanted to leave my old job so badly but was scared to tell the job I had already accepted and I kept it to myself until I was 12 weeks. It was such a nerve wracking, stressful time that I feel like I barely got to enjoy it!  Once I told my new boss, I felt SO much better and started to really get excited. :) Seems so long ago now...
  • I found out on September 11 which makes that day a happy day for me again. DH was away on business and I had a terrible lower backache. I took a dollar store pregnancy test and it showed positive but I didn't want to get too excited until I took another test. On my way into work I stopped at the drug store then ran to the bathroom when I got to the office to take it and sure enough! :) I couldn't wait to tell DH when he got home from his trip that night!!
  • I found out Sept 19th, and a good friend of mine was visiting, we were planning on going out Saturday night and for some reason I had this odd desire to take a pregnancy test before I went out drinking the next day.. And I honestly did not think I would be pregnant. But to my surprise I was LOL! My DH was crying happy tears when I told him, talk about a way better weekend than going out drinking ;)
  • I came home to get ready for a school event. I had been planning on waiting to test that weekend but something pushed me to test that day. It showed positive right away and I ran downstairs crying to tell my husband. Later that evening I realized it was the one year anniversary of my miscarriage. It was a long journey for us but so amazing that we found out about this pregnancy on the very same day that would normally be a sad day.


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  • I love reading these :)

    September 25th here.  I had been trying about 7 months and my friend convinced me to stop taking tests and just go with the flow.  I went to the liquor store to buy Everclear and vodka to make Apple Pie Moonshine and on the way home decided to stop and buy a test because I was 3 days late.  It was clear as day positive so I went to the store and bought pink and blue onesies and put them in a Banana Republic bag. When DH got home I said, "I got you some shirts let me know if you like them."  He cried immediately.
  • I found out September 8th. The first time... I remember freaking out, calling my husband at work, and him getting upset I told him over the phone when he couldn't get out of work. He wasn't too keen on kids... (That has changed). Then the following Monday, I thought i miscarried, so we went to the doctor for two blood tests, and they came back 'conclusive' for the miscarriage. Fast forward past a wedding, a trip to California, a period, and continued morning sickness I went back to the doctor, tested positive, doctor said it was probably due to extra tissue causing hormone levels. Went in the next day (Halloween) to find the "tissue"... Well there she was, 14 weeks, already in my second trimester! So, I had to tell my husband AGAIN! Worse part was I had to get through a work party and my second job, so I didn't get home until 10, and I wasn't going to tell him over the phone again. I'm terrible at secrets! Everyone knew before he did! It was the best trick or treat! (More like a trick, then treat!)
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    All of the in laws went camping. Everyone kept saying my sister in law and I were pregnant...we didnt buy it. Sooo we went tubing. Woops. Found out i was preg the next week when my husband took a photo of me and my german shepard passed out midday. I was confused why I was so tired! My sister in law got preg exactly 2 months later! Family fun!
  • I found out August 30. We had been trying for nearly 3 years. I had started telling friends and family that we must be sterile because it just wasn't happening. There was nothing in the world I wanted more than to be a mommy. I have a step daughter so the urgency wasn't quite as strong for DH (even though he definitely wanted a baby too).

    I was actually on a trip with my parents when I found out. My cousin was getting married in Denver (we live in Kentucky). We couldn't afford airfare and DH couldn't take enough time off work to drive so I rode along with my parents who were driving. My family likes to drink, so I took a test the morning we left for the road trip. It came back negative (as I was expecting). It was an early result test and I was due to start that day and had been feeling funky. Our first night in Denver I had a couple margaritas at my uncle's cookout. The next day, I started cramping really bad. I assumed the period was on its way, but it still didn't come. That evening I told my mom I was suspicious and she helped me sneak to the store (I had no car) to buy another test. This test came back positive. I was shaking so hard when I called DH! I absolutely could not believe it!

    I didn't want to tell anyone right away because I didn't want to steal the spotlight on my cousin's wedding day, and also because I wanted a dr confirmation before telling the world. Most of my extended family figured it out when I wasn't drinking at the reception. That secret was so hard to keep, but we didn't officially announce until after our first prenatal appointment when we saw her on ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. She was so worth the wait!
  • We eloped via road trip to Tofino BC (from Winnipeg MB) and got married Sept 10... That month was the first month we tried. We took a leisurely camping/road trip throughout the okanogan valley and Rocky Mountains on our way home. My period was due the 25 and that was the day we were coming home, so I thought I'd take a test after we got home, just for fun. We stopped in Regina to visit my cousin on our last day and she was already 28 weeks pregnant which got me even more excited... We stopped at the London drugs in Regina and bought a test but I wasn't going to take it until we got home and I had a glass of wine first (a tradition I've had before any pregnancy test I've taken just in case it's positive)
    We had a tire blow out very close to home, and what should have taken an hour and a half took four hours! I nearly took the test on the side of the highway hahaha
    We got home about 2am and I told my husband it would likely be negative as I drank my glass of wine.
    I went to pee on the stick and the instructions said to wait ten mins for the result but it was a VERY clear positive before I even put it down. We were due May 25, had her May 28 :)
  • We found out a year ago yesterday! The day of my sisters rehearsal dinner.. Two days after my birthday. We had only been trying for a few weeks so I didn't think it would happen that fast! I took 4 tests the first two were negative and the last two were positive. I only was three weeks along when we found out! I love reading these stories.. Makes me want another already!
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    We had just taken out the Nuva ring the week before and a month later I was a few days late (I'm never late) I was supposed to start on a Monday and told myself if i didn't start by Friday I'd take one. I was having cramps and thought I'd start any day. I even called my mom complaining about stating and when I told her I was pregnant she was like uhh you can't be pregnant while on your period haha anyway Thursday morning came and I found this random pregnancy test in our cupboard that I forgot my husband had bought as a joke and decided why not and it came back positive. I remember being just so excited and so shocked it happened so fast!! I called my best friend immediately and we came up with an idea to tell my hubby. I found templates online for ticket stubs and so I made my own tickets that had a picture of the pregnancy test and had row 1 seat 1 date may 26th coming in a hospital near you! I made a pink one and a blue one and stuck them in an envelope and addressed them from ticketmaster. I went outside to "get the mail" and then came back inside and handed him his mail. He saw the letter and said sweet my tickets are here! (He had ordered some a week or two before) he opened them up and was in total shock and said wait why are there two?! Haha! I was like one for me and one for you! We both need a ticket to this event!
  • I found out September 10th. I went to the doctor earlier in the week complaining of being super tired, at this point I wasn't late for my period yet. They did blood work and told me I needed to change my diet because my cholesterol was high and my thyroid levels were off. I thought for sure this is why I was having trouble getting pregnant.(2 years actively trying). So I left the doctor and went to the grocery store to get some healthy food items. I picked up a pregnancy test just in case because I had spotting earlier in the week. I took the test at around 10pm on the 10th and when it came back positive o was jumping for joy. I can't believe it's been almost a year!
  • I took a test on Friday of labor day weekend, wanted to be sure I wasn't before drinking that weekend. It was negative so that night we went to a friend's house and I had wine and thought it was strange I felt like crap the next day. Saturday we went to the baseball game and then the casino, I had 2 beers and a glass of wine and once again felt like crap the next day. I was supposed to get my period on Tuesday I tested Thursday morning and it was positive. I waited all day for DH to get home so I could tell him, his response was "how did this happen?" He thought it would take way longer, we were on our second month TTC.
  • kbradley721, I also found out on September 11! I was going to work and had actually taken five pregnancy tests the two previous weeks. All negative. I had a test with my OBGYN scheduled for that following Monday to find out, cuz I just KNEW I was. Anyway, I was driving to work and someone hit my car, totaling it. They took me to the hospital and asked if I could be pregnant in the pre-screening questions. I said that I was pretty sure I was and was planning on going Monday to find out. They did a test right then and, boom! Pregnant! Lol crazy day.
  • I foung out on 24th of august, i used an ovulation test and felt weird the day after and kept getting syptoms and whenever i googled em it would say it could be pregnancy or some horrible disease lol, H insisted i get a blood test done after a week and it came back negative, my friend who has been trying for a year got pregnant, i wasnt trying that long but we bonded over it, a week later i was 1 day late and before i left for work i took a digital test and it was positive!!!! I couldn't believe it and kep checking the packaging to make sure that the plus means pregnant lol, i wanted to tell H in a cute way after i do another blood test but i couldn't wait! I woke him up and told him! I shared the news with my friend and have been the happiest i've ever been since!

    On the first ultrasound she was just a dot! About half a cm long and now she's a beautiful 3 month old
  • August 22nd was the day I found out our first round of IVF was a success! I'm a makeup artist, and I pulled up to the bride's house to do her and her wedding party's makeup. As i was parking, my phone rang with the great news! I didn't talk to my husband yet, and he kept calling me to see what the doctor said. I didn't want to tell him over the phone that I was pregnant, so i had to keep the secret to myself all day long. I remember coming home and taking a long nap, my husband coming home and looking sad because he was convinced it didn't work. He said "So....did it work... Are you pregnant?". It was the best feeling telling him he was going to be a Daddy! He cried which made it even more special. May 1st was my due date, my son was born May 6th!
  • We had been trying all summer after a loss in the spring. We decided that September would be the last month we would try(trying to be strategic with work). Decided to take a test on my birthday (4 days before my period) so I knew whether I could drink at my birthday dinner. Sure enough I was...5am and I shoved the pregnancy test in my hubby's face. So much for sleeping in.
    So we found out on my birthday and then found out he was a boy on my hubby's birthday. Very special.
  • I love reading these!!!

    We only tried once (very blessed to get pregnant so quickly). 3 days after DTD, I had insane heartburn. I've never had it before and actually thought I was sick or something. Described the pain to DH and when he said it was heartburn I knew I was pregnant. He said there was no way I could tell that soon and not to get my hopes up since we'd only done it once.

    I insisted on testing 5 days before my period was due because I just knew. It was Labor Day (ironically) and DH had gone golfing. I tested and within SECONDS the stick changed!! I didn't want to tell him over the phone so 6 painfully long hours later when I went to pick him up I told him all the stores were closed and I couldn't get a test. Then I said we should try Walmart because I hadn't thought to check there. Drove to Walmart and parked in the expectant mothers parking spot. DH said "you can't park here" and I said "oh yes I can". The look on his face was priceless!!!
  • Due date was 6-2 but she was a memorial day baby. We had a crazy September, I had changed jobs on the 15th, had our 1st anniversary on the 20th, took a test the day after ( showed up negative), put an offer on a house on the 23rd, and noticed on the 29th still no period. This time I took the test in the a.m. at 6 before going to school, on the 30th. There was a very faint pink line. I woke up dh and I asked if he saw it too. He said oh the 2 lines, what's that mean? I said that means we were pregnant. He shook the crap out of the test, making the line darker. Later that day we were getting the house inspected, and it was the 1st time my dh actually saw our house ( he refused to check it out before I made the offer).
  • I found out sept 22. I didnt think much of my late period because i was insanely irregular i would even skip a month and i was told i wouldnt be able to have kids so it never crossed my mind. I would fall asleep so easily and was very tired since i was working loads of overtime and my commute was 1.5-2 hours depending on the traffic. But we got suspicious once H got sick really bad and we did not know what it was and he felt totally fine and in both of our familys when our moms were pregnant the dads would get all the symptoms. So thats when we decided to take the test but i didnt do it correctly the first time haha and so next morning before heading to work i took the test and took a shower while waiting (probably the fastest shower i had taken) i wasnt living with my H yet since we were getting married in 3 months haha but we work together and he is the 2nd person to arrive since im the first, so i waited till i got to work and told him the news. We were estatic because we both wanted kids and thought we wouldnt be able to.
  • I didn't realize what was happening at first (again). I was on the road for work and was nauseous the entire plan rides, shuttle ride to my rental car. I even bought Dramamine for the way home. I was gone from Tuesday through Thursday. Friday morning I was sitting back at my desk and it hit me. I ran to Target during lunch and picked up a test. I found out I was pregnant in the bathroom at work shortly after. I remember trying to focus on work and then seeing a coworker in the hall and him asking what's with the grin and I sort laughed and walked away. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face that day.
  • I also found out in Sept 11th! I had joined a women's soccer team and was training my butt off - taking all sorts of supplements and vitamins. One day I went for my usual run and did not have any energy. I played in a game a couple days later and played terrible! My reaction timing was off, I couldn't do my sprints or even play the full game. I scheduled a doctor's appointment because I was sure I was vitamin deficient in some way. My doctor called me at work on 9/11 and told me the news! It was a "Well that makes sense" moment. I have to be honest though, I was devastated. I thought everyone was going to be mad and disappointed in me - since it was unplanned and I was not married, but in a serious, commited relationship. Once I shared the news, everyone around me was extremely supportive and happy for me. Everyone's reactions really helped me to embrace the pregnancy and get excited about it. Now being a mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!
  • I found out on 6th October... Still a while away till the 1 year mark! A year and a half before, I had thought I was pregnant and told my fiancé I might be and went to get a pregnancy test I came on my period as I got to the shop never felt more stupid in front of him than then we had been trying 2 months. So this time I didn't mention it to him at all went the shop bought a test just to kinda rule pregnancy out to why my period was late again and Lo and behold I got a line! Told my partner when he got in from work and did another test :) a week before I was prescribed tablets by a consultant to make my period come on! Luckily I didn't take them :) best decision of my life. Tablets were given as they wanted to test me for pcos but had to be a certain days after period had been going Drs and hospital appts and scans to find out why I couldn't get pregnant.
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    I found out sept 14! We had been trying for 6 months. On sat sept 13, i was braiding my friend 's hair and i was just tied, I couldn't stand for a long time because my feet were hurting and had bleeding nose. I had taken a pregnancy test friday but it was neg. My Ob had given a sheet to record my temp and see if i was ovulating. My temp line was straight, which meant no ovulation. My period was not due until the 18th. But I felt bad all nigth sat. Sunday morning before going to church, I went to Wal-Mart and bought another pregnancy test. I tested, just before I threw away the test, a vey faint line appeared. I couldn't beleive my eyes, I cried for joy! Now I had to find a fun way to tell DH. In the evening, i was still not feeling good,had a terrible headache. I just left the test in his side of the bathroom sink with the instructions. When he came, I was laying in the bedroom,he asked how I was doing, I answered, those migraines are back( had the same migrain with my first) but looked like he did not understand my response. After he had changed, went to the bathroom, after he saw the test and read the instructions, he was shouting" Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah". I cried again, then we both prayed to Praise the Lord. Due date was May 27th, but she came May 24th on my birthday!! Best birthday gift ever!!
  • I found out october 20th. The first 2 weeks of october i felt so sick my stomach wouldnt stop hurting and my period was 2 weeks late. I took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came back positive, I couldnt believe it i was soo happy and so was my bf. we went to the clinic that monday and got it confirmed. My baby boy will be 3 months on monday
  • @gadelle Mine was born 2 days before my birthday and we came home from the hospital on my birthday. I agree, bringing my baby girl home was the best birthday gift I could have received!
  • I found out September 8th. A month after we started trying (late June) I began to test every week (really irregular periods so nothing to go off of). Then I realized that it was a waste of money because I'd know eventually. The first one I didn't know about until I felt a lump growing (4 months in). I wound up having a period into early August which bummed me out, but one time when grocery shopping I grabbed a lot of snacks which is crazy because i only ever buy snacks when my husband is w/ me so I grabbed a 99 cent test in sheer hope and BAM it said I was pregnant ^_^
  • Mine is a year ago tomorrow, August 25th. I had a dream where I was pregnant and when I woke up to go to work, I decided to take a test. The line was so clear that there was no doubt! I had planned to do something sweet for my husband to tell him but I was in such shock, that I woke him up and told him. The rest is history and I'm in love with my little girl who was born only a couple days early on April 27th.
  • I feel like I'm the late one here.  I found out Oct. 9th.  We had to do IVF with our first son and we were so lucky to have it work on the first try.  We tried right away for #2 as our doctors said our best chance to conceive on our own would be within the first year of having #1.  We tried on our own, then did 2 months of IUI and nothing worked.  We took a couple months off and then decided we would try one more IUI before going back to IVF.  My period was very irregular if it came at all.  My doctor told me to call him on the 10th to let him know if my period started so we could get meds ordered for the IUI.  Well no period but my stomach was feeling off and water didn't taste good which were both early symptoms with #1.  I told my friend on the 8th that I knew I wasn't prego but felt like I did during my first tri with my son.  The morning of the 9th I went to go run on the treadmill at 5am and I had zero energy and didn't feel all that well.  I knew my doctor would want a pregnancy test before starting meds so since I had a couple at home I figured I would get that done with while I was in the shower.  I got out of the shower and looked at the test and almost fell over.  I took another one and it turned positive right away.  I woke my husband up and he was beyond confused and in shock.  I did a blood test and my level was high so after a u/s a couple days later we found out I was 6 1/2 wks along.  I told my husband over the phone with our son for the IVF and our parents all knew we were waiting for the call so it was so much fun surprising everyone this time. I think I was still in shock until the morning of May 27th when I had my son! 
  • We found out September 30, second month of trying. I was convinced I wasn't pregnant since I was cramping up exactly like I do a few days before my period. The previous week I had a really random 24 hour cold that had me napping 3x that day which was odd for me. Decided to take a test early in the morning the day before my period was due and it immediately showed up as pregnant! Woke DH up waving the test in his face jumping up and down we were both so happy!

    Had a sense we were having a boy a week after finding out we were expecting and sure enough we definitely were. Also felt like we were going to have a May baby despite our June 10th due date and DS decided May 4th was his day arriving fast and furious at 34+5 weeks.
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