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8/20 Mommy Successes and Wins

pat yourself on the back!! What have you done right lately? Brag away!!!

Re: 8/20 Mommy Successes and Wins

  • I went out last night with my 2 SILs! We all have kids, but mine is the youngest and it was my first time out alone since the birth! It was so much fun to be out talking and laughing and my LO slept the whole time I was gone!

    Made possible because I'm visiting my mom this week. (5 hrs away). Wish I lived closer to my mom! She's so good with babies!
  • Agreed with PP. I went out with some girlfriends this week and left DS home with DH. He slept the whole time I was gone. It was so nice to get out with the girls and have some laughs and good conversation and feel like a girl instead of just a mom :)
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